Photographer Spotlight: Jenny Wakeandbake and the Case Air for Still Life Shoots

Posted by: on Aug 21, 2018

Photographer Spotlight: Jenny Wakeandbake and the Case Air for Still Life Shoots
Bio: Jenny Fuore, better known as Jenny Wakeandbake, is a professional photographer based out of Massachusetts. Jenny has made a life for herself creating content for brands, bands and artists from many different walks of life. The themes of Jenny’s work include photographing the floral, fauna, and lifestyle carry through a different side of her work as an advocate and content creator in the ever-growing Cannabis community. You can find her on Instagram @jennywakeandbake and @jennyobscura and on YouTube at JennyWakeandbake. Connect with her online at

I would describe my style of photography as… 

I always struggle with finding the words categorize my style of photography. I give the subject personality. My style is filled with emotion. Whether it is fun, bright and quirky, or heavy, dark, and blunt. As a commercial photographer with quite a few clients from the cannabis industry, I use my style of photography to bring life to products and help break the stigma that sometimes surrounds products dealing with cannabis and cannabis consumers alike.

What was your first camera, and how’d you get started in photography?

My first camera was a Lomography Holga 120 film camera. I got started in photography as a young girl traveling with my family. It was not until I took a darkroom class in summer camp in elementary school that I truly fell in love.  

Why did you want to become a photographer?

I always knew I would grow up to be an artist of some sort. I used to draw and paint as a very small child but never truly felt passionate until I picked up a camera. I wanted to become a photographer to capture the moments I held dear to me, share the way I saw the world, and have an outlet to share the strange concepts and ideas in my mind.

Do you shoot tethered?

I do not shoot tethered 24/7 however if I am in the studio shooting there is a 95% chance I am shooting tethered. 

My favorite piece of Tether Tools gear is…

My favorite piece of Tether Tools gear is the Case Air Wireless Tethering System of course! Life changing is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much this device has helped me. It has allowed me to create images I have been dreaming about.

My dream gig would be…

I seem to be living my dream gig these days. I work for myself, creating compelling imagery for clients who have hired me based on my creative mind and style. My dream gig was always for someone to see my worth, see my creativity, and let me run with it.. I wake up feeling blessed every day and ready to keep working hard and let my dreams grow.

What’s on your photography gear shopping list?

I do a lot of dreaming when it comes to my photography gear shopping list; As of right now the item on the top of my list is a Lensbaby Burnside 35mm art lens. 

The best advice I can offer a fellow photographer would be…

The best advice I can offer a fellow photographer is…there is a reason you have a camera in your hands, do not question it, just run with it. Create! Explore! & Create some more!