Photographer Spotlight: Amii & Andy Kauth

Posted by: on Jun 03, 2019

Photographer Spotlight: Amii & Andy Kauth

Bio: Amii & Andy Kauth (Sunshine & Reign Photography) are a wife and husband team of rad destination wedding photographers based out of the great state of Arizona, where the weather is always perfect for weddings, as long as it isn’t July or August! Their work (articles and images) has been featured on numerous blogs and in print magazines as well. As authors for SLR Lounge, Amii & Andy are always stoked to share their experience and knowledge with others. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram @sunshineandreign, and YouTube.

We would describe our style of photography as….

We take a very personal approach to our photography, spending a lot of time getting to know our clients, and their family and friends when applicable. For headshot clients, we’ll even spend the first 30 minutes of their session talking to them about who they are, what they love about themselves, and what they want to portray to their audience (that sort of thing). Other than that? We love to push ourselves artistically and creatively (and in-camera double exposures are our favorite)!

Sunshine & Reign Photography || Arizona Portrait & Wedding Photographers

What was your first camera, and how’d you get started in photography?

Amii has always been into photography, ever since high school (and eventually got Andy hooked and taught him how to photograph). Amii has owned a number of cameras throughout the years, from film cameras to a variety of digital cameras (mostly Canon until we switched permanently to Nikon). We settled on the D750 when it came out and really have no desire to use anything else. And when did we get started? Despite having master’s degrees in social work (Amii) and Roman history and education (Andy), we’ve always been interested in art (Amii is a proficient painter and Andy has been into sculpture since college). That sort of led us into photographing family and friends and then a wedding … and we just kind of took off from there, eventually quitting our full-time jobs and rockin’ a photography business full time.

What image are you most proud of from your photography portfolio?

We’d have to say that our favorite photograph lately is from a maternity/family session. It’s an in-camera double exposure, and we love how it shows the couple embracing as they prepare their hearts for a new life. It also shows how the father and their new son are truly the apple of the mother’s eye.

Sunshine & Reign Photography || Arizona Portrait & Wedding Photographers

Our favorite piece of gear is…

Easy! We don’t go anywhere without our Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21s, and they’ve been throughout North America and to Europe and back; you can read more about how we hooked up with Tenba over on Shotkit! But their bags are legit and keep our gear 100 percent protected.

Do you shoot tethered?

For headshots, absolutely!

Our favorite piece of Tether Tools gear is…

Tough one … But we’ll go with the RapidMount PowrGrip Kit. In our opinion, you just can’t nail a decent “shower shot” without it! Yeah!!

What’s on your photography gear shopping list?

Great question for us (very pertinent)! We’re opening a brand new studio in Arroyo Grande, California, which should be up and running by July 1, 2019. Our shopping list is, therefore, quite extensive. That said, we’re totally stoked about getting an AquaTech BASE Water Housing so we can photograph our kids surfing.         

The best advice we can offer a fellow photographer would be…

First, find a good community to support you. Second, realize that, while everyone absolutely deserves to be celebrated via an amazing photographic experience, not everyone who inquires with you is your client. Third, take some risks: ask for things that you feel are beyond your ability and chase your dreams; you can do anything you have your heart in (you really can)!