Phoenix: Joel Grimes 2-Day Workshop

Posted by: on Jan 11, 2016

Phoenix: Joel Grimes 2-Day Workshop
Study with Joel Grimes in Phoenix, Arizona!
Joel Grimes is excited to announce a workshop at Parkwood Studios, just east of downtown Phoenix. This workshop is a must for those who want to take the mystery out of using strobe lighting, learn to become a creative force and THINK LIKE AN ARTIST! Throw out those lighting diagrams, those annoying lighting ratios and sell your flash-meter on eBay. Well, that may be a bit drastic, but think about this; a technical instrument can never make a creative artistic decision, this is reserved for the human mind. Over the two days Joel will be covering how to use all sorts of modifiers such as soft boxes, the beauty dish, octagon banks, umbrellas, grids, etc., while working from an intuitive, feeling approach. This is without question the key to the whole creative process. You will be presented with ways on how to develop your personal creative vision that is unique to you. Over the two days, Joel will be having a few fashion/beauty/sports models on site for the hands on lighting demonstration portions. Each of the attendees will have an opportunity to experiment with the various lighting techniques covered in the lectures, so bring your basic camera kit! And not to be overlooked, Joel will be covering his Photoshop techniques used in his photographs, including the HDR techniques used for all backgrounds. Joel holds back nothing in revealing my photographic process. To finish the workshop off, Joel’s last session “Thriving in the Marketplace”, is designed to prepare and encourage photographers to get out and create a income with their craft.
$950.00 Reserve Your Spot Today!  Maximum Limit of (15) Workshop Attendees.
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