Phoenix: Architecture & Real Estate Photography Workshop

Posted by: on Mar 28, 2016

Phoenix: Architecture & Real Estate Photography Workshop

TR-10This is a two-day workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tony Roslund will be instructing an interactive class on architecture and real estate photography essentials and he will be joined by 2014 Photography for Real Estate Photographer of the Year Barry Mackenzie.

The class will cover composition and lighting techniques including the use of modifiers, polarization, and common grip tools. Students will receive guidance on pricing, marketing, and communicating with clients. Students will participate in live shoots at both residential and commercial properties, with additional opportunities to participate in a twilight exterior shoot. Tony and Barry will identify and teach the key elements that define and separate real estate and architecture photography, providing attendees with a foundation to successfully work in both genres. Students will be divided into teams for a hands-on opportunity to use the techniques and equipment demonstrated by Tony and Barry.  The following lists identify a portion of the curriculum the duo will present during the workshop:


  • Take the “dirty” out of quick and dirty Real Estate photography.
  • Learn to move quickly while making high quality listing photos.

  • Achieve repeatable results (color, WB, etc) regardless of ambient lighting conditions, room size, or color.
  • Learn how to light bedrooms and other small spaces in 90 seconds or less so you can spend more time hitting home runs in the major rooms like kitchens, living rooms, etc.
  • Learn how to supplement ambient light using speedlights to achieve natural looking photos with no evidence that additional lighting was used.
  • Learn to choose the best composition for different spaces and how to visually connect one room to another to tell a story.
  • Discuss the challenges you’re likely to encounter and learn the techniques required to overcome them.
  • Learn rapid post-production to minimize turnaround time, maximize efficiency, and increase hourly revenue.


  • Learn how to price and license architecture projects to be competitive in your market.
  • Discuss pre-production steps and how to properly prepare for an architectural project.
  • Learn what to include and exclude in an architecture composition for maximum impact.
  • Learn how to compose for 1-point and 2-point perspectives.
  • Learn to use tilt-shift lenses and technical cameras for optimizing field of view and perspective.
  • Learn to optimize use of ambient light for architectural interiors and exteriors.
  • Learn to think in a composite mindset (blending multiple exposures in post).
  • Learn to light in a WYSIWYG-style using hot-lights in a commercial environment.
  • Learn to light and shoot twilight exteriors (bonus after-hours instruction).
  • Learn post-production intricacies of retouching, compositing, and exposure blending.
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