Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew – The World’s Largest Team of Headshot and Portrait Photographers

Posted by: on Jun 30, 2017

Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew – The World’s Largest Team of Headshot and Portrait Photographers

Headshots and profile pictures are one of the highest requested types of photography currently. People who are serious about their careers are also more serious about their appearance online than ever before. As a photographer, this offers an immense opportunity to add headshot photography to your services and earn additional revenue. Enter Peter Hurley and the Headshot Crew!

The Headshot Crew

At the Headshot Crew, founded by world-renowned photographer Peter Hurley, they believe every person deserves to look their absolute best when shot by a photographer. The vast majority of people who step in front of a camera are not used to it and have no idea how their face looks. Peter says he’s 10% photographer, 90% therapist and that’s exactly what it boils down to. You can own all the gear in the world, but if there is no interaction between the photographer and client based on trust you will have a hard time getting amazing photographs.

The good folks at the Headshot Crew are some of the most supportive, positive and honest group of likeminded photographers you will find. Being a solo-entrepreneur, you need advice and want a group of people around with your best interest at heart. The members of the Headshot Crew are offering that and more, without holding anything back. Every single one of the photographers who are a part of the Headshot Crew wants the other photographers to be as successful as possible.

Why the Headshot Crew?

Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew

It is upon the photographer to create images which open doors for your clients and the Headshot Crew considers it their mission to help photographers achieve this by offering intensive coaching through their protege program, one on one coaching, portfolio-reviews and live workshops all over the world on both photography and business.

Photographers who are part of the Headshot Crew also get listed in their Headshot Directory so that clients looking for a photographer in their area will find them. It is the goal of the Headshot Crew to both help photographers become more confident behind the camera when they’re shooting a person and help them find work. With over 13,000 active members the Headshot Crew is on their way to becoming the go-to website and community for photographers and people who need the best headshot they ever had!

How does the Headshot Crew work?

With over 5 million views combined, including the very popular ‘It’s All About the Jaw’ and ‘It’s All About the Squinch’ videos from Peter Hurley on YouTube, there is a tremendous amount of valuable information online for any photographer creating portraits. There is also over 100 videos on the Headshot Crew channel, including practical information with examples to use during your photoshoots that will enhance your portrait and headshot photography. Varying from coaching to camera technique to retouching to building your business. It’s all there.

Headshot Crew also invests in interaction with their members, and are LIVE on Tuesday and Thursday with their weekly CrewCasts. Live video with competitions like the ‘Headshot of the Week’ and a monthly competition called ‘PhD’ – Peter Hurley Direction, Q&A session, portfolio-reviews and whatever the community wants to discuss during the CrewCast.

Wingman Program

After a photographer has been with the Headshot Crew for 90 days, a Wingman can be requested. A Wingman is a photographer who is a Headshot Crew Associate photographer who has a flourishing business with headshots and offers his/her time to help photographers accomplish the same. With one on one interactions, the Wingman and the photographer work towards improving the portfolio and the business. So, while you are running your own business, you will always have a topnotch photographer in your court to help you with advice and guidance if needed.


If you are a photographer pointing your camera in the direction of a person, the Headshot Crew is going to be the best community of helpful, likeminded people you’ll find and has a lot to offer to improve your photography business. Whether you’re starting out or growing your portrait photography, the Headshot Crew has all the hands-on information and tools you can ask for, including discounts on industry-leading gear and tools.

Plus, at just $19.99 a month (the cost of one Starbucks a week) this is an absolute no-brainer for portrait and headshot photographers. Currently, if you sign up for the Monthly Subscription with Book, you’ll get Peter Hurley’s book ‘The Headshot’ plus 3 months with the Headshot Crew valued over $100 for just $39.98. That’s a steal!

How I Got the Shot Second Edition

With two members in the Second Edition of the ‘How I Got the Shot’ Guide and two photographers from the Headshot Crew in the Tether Tools Pro team, Tether Tools has a long history of working with the Headshot Crew. Both Tether Tools and the Headshot Crew want to empower photographers worldwide and in that our goals collide. So, check out the Headshot Crew and if it’s for you and sign up!

How I Got the Shot Second Edition

Headshot Crew Tethering Bundles

Brand new! We’re thrilled to provide tethering bundles featuring gear hand-selected by Tether Tools Pro Peter Hurley with the Headshot Crew in mind. Check out the full-line

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