What’s in My Bag with Yessica Duque

Posted by: on Nov 11, 2022

What’s in My Bag with Yessica Duque

Do you have any pieces of kit that you simply can’t do without? Maybe you have a go-to lens. Or perhaps you have a favored reflector? We’ve asked some of our pro team members about their favorite pieces of kit and they’ve been kind enough to share what’s always in their camera bags. We’re starting with Yessica Duque, and her five favorite pieces of gear.

1. A workflow game-changer

TetherPro tethering cable

The ability to connect your camera to a computer with this popular orange cable, which makes it possible to control the quality of your images at full resolution and allows you to make the necessary adjustments in real-time, is a workflow game changer.

On the Tether Tools website you can find the suitable cable that meets your requirements, making it easier for you to get started.

2. My go-to lens

The Sigma 50mm ƒ/1.4 Art

The Sigma 50mm ƒ/1.4 Art is a pro-level prime lens. It’s one of the most versatile lenses available and food photographers’ favorite. This lens is a game changer with its extremely wide aperture, beautiful bokeh, and exceptionally sharp images.

3. A well-calibrated monitor

EIZO CS2740 27 inch monitor

Color accuracy in food photography is a must. A well-calibrated monitor will definitely make your photos stand out from the crowd because not everybody likes neon avocados!

The EIZO CS2740 with 4K UHD is a spacious 27-inch screen and USB Type-C connectivity. This monitor facilitates a detail-oriented, comfortable, and streamlined workflow, ideal for any creative field.

Like so much other good photography gear, this monitor is not cheap, but if you really want your photos to stand out, a well-calibrated monitor is one of the things you should invest in as a photographer.

4. Budget essentials

Foldable cardboard reflectors

When your lighting scheme is really simple and you need specific light points, these foldable cardboard photographic reflectors can do wonders for your food photography. Plus, they’re easy to use and carry around. 

They come in different sizes; A4 is the ideal size for food photography. They absorb, reflect, or fill in light. This product has four uses: a silver face for reflecting light, a black face that absorbs light, a white face that fills in light, and a gold face that can add a warm, golden light to your photography.

5. Backdrops

Selection of matte-finish backdrops

A backdrop is the backbone of your shot. And a backdrop bundle for food photography with basic textures such as wood, marble stone, or ceramic tiles, will help you set the tone of the story you are trying to capture.

YD Backdrops.com, my personal brand, specializes in designing backdrops for food and product photography. It offers you a variety of good quality vinyl backdrops that meet the criteria of any photographer such as lightweight, waterproof, matte finish, it doesn’t shine or reflect, easy to clean, transport, and roll up.

A parting quote

We asked Yessica to finish with a quote that summarizes her thoughts about photography. This is what she had to say:

Food photography is travel, it’s people, it’s a connection to worlds unknown you must dare to discover.

About Yessica Duque

Yessica Duque is a food stylist photographer based in the Netherlands. She specializes in commercial food photography to bring brands, social media, and public relations to an elevated level. To find more about Yessica Duque visit her site at yessicaduque.com, Instagram @yessica_duque_photography, Facebook at @yessicaduquephotographer, or YouTube channel here.