Mounting Options for Mirrorless Cameras

Posted by: on Apr 07, 2015

Mounting Options for Mirrorless Cameras

Due to their smaller size and weight, mounting a mirrorless camera for behind the scenes shots and unique angles is simple. This can allow you get some engaging time lapse shots, video footage or execute other creative ideas.  Here are a few options to get that camera up and out of the way.

  • The Rock Solid PowrGrip 4.5 Suction Mount

    The Rock Solid PowrGrip 4.5 suction mount is a great option for mounting cameras to glass or smooth surfaces. Unlike traditional suction cups, the PowrGrip uses a vacuum pump to force air out of the suction creating a tight secure grip weighted up to 10 lbs (5kg). The  PowrGrip also includes a ballhead assembly to angle the camera to just about any position.

  • The Rock Solid EasyGrip

    The Rock Solid EasyGrip will mount to any round or flat surface such as poles, handlebars, tables, and more.  The EasyGrip is compact,  lightweight, and simple to use and strong enough to support your camera. The ball and socket mount included with the EasyGrip provides your camera a versatile range of positioning and viewing angles.