More Tethering Education on

Posted by: on Dec 09, 2014

More Tethering Education on
Previously, we mentioned a great piece of content on related to tethering. However, that was just a single piece in a course about shooting with studio strobes. Now, you can view a complete course on Tethered Shooting Fundamentals. Richard Harrington delivers 2 hours and 16 minutes of great content broken up into 5 sections:
  1. What Is Tethered Shooting?
  2. The Shooting Environment
  3. Tethering the Camera
  4. Building the Tethered Station
  5. Software Solutions for Tethering has two plans available to allow you to watch this course. $24 monthly will give you unlimited access to their great collection of courses or $19 a month with a year commitment will bring the price down even more. If you are looking for a full setup like what Richard features in the video above, the Pro Tethering Kit is a great solution. It has the entire setup including Aero Table with Aero SecureStrap and other accessories, your choice of cable, cable management and carry case.