Learn Capture One’s Creative Tools to Maximize Image Potential!

Posted by: on Apr 22, 2014

Learn Capture One’s Creative Tools to Maximize Image Potential!

Capture One has a long history as a RAW converter providing great default image conversion. 

You can do more than ever before with Capture One and in this webinar we will go beyond the normal image corrections to show just how creative you can be without needing PhotoShop or third party plug ins. 

May 7, 2014
10am & 5pm CEST
*see links below for time zone

We take a close look at getting the basic image corrections right, and then move onto the more fun and creative tools, like the Color Editor, Local Adjustments, Black and White conversion and much more. 

Any look that we create can then easily be saved as Style so it can be repeated consistently. 

This will be a great webinar for anyone who knows the basics of Capture One but wants to really stretch its potential and ultimately improve workflow and save time. 

Don’t forget that all our webinars are interactive and you can pose questions throughout the session. 


There are two sessions for this webinar on the same day. Choose the one that is most applicable for your time zone. 

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