Laptop Workstations: In the Office with Tether Tools

Posted by: on Mar 05, 2013

Laptop Workstations: In the Office with Tether Tools
Tether Table Aero Master

Photography and film professionals are maximizing Tether Tools’ line of versatile products to create efficient and streamlined workflows. But did you know that our products can be used in the office, too, as laptop workstations?

Take the Tether Table Aero. This durable and lightweight laptop workstation is a great solution for medical offices, for example. Doctors and health professionals can create a portable desktop unit by mounting the Tether Table to a rolling stand. This is an easy and versatile way to move laptops and tablets around the hospital or to and from patient rooms.

Tired of hunching over your computer? Sit up straight with Tether Tools! Mounted on a rolling stand, the Tether Table laptop workstation is a much healthier alternative to slouching on the sofa with your (hot!) computer resting on your thighs. Use it as a standing desk space to increase productivity or pair the Tether Table with an exercise ball for a core-strengthening workflow. It’s a completely portable and ergonomic desk solution.