Keep your CamRanger from coming unplugged

Posted by: on Sep 02, 2014

Keep your CamRanger from coming unplugged

Wireless tethering for photography is on the rise. One product that is recommended by Tether Tools for wireless tethering is the CamRanger.


The CamRanger unit provides a .jpg (recommended) transfer of files to any iOS or Android device with the CamRanger App or CamRanger Viewer App (for education and multi-device viewing). It also provides an option to transfer RAW files directly to your PC or Apple computer as long as the CamRanger App is downloaded and running.

Secure your CamRanger Cable with a JerkStopper

While wireless devices don’t require long cables to connect to a device, there is still a cable creating the connection from your CamRanger to your camera.  The best way to keep your CamRanger cable plugged in while shooting is by adding a JerkStopper Camera Support. By using a JerkStopper Camera Support, you will secure the cable from the CamRanger cable to your camera. This will prevent connection issues during a photo shoot as well as keep your camera port safe from damage from an accidental pulling or strain on the cable port.

If it’s only the cable length that appears to be the issue, there are 1ft USB 2.0 cables available that will eliminate that extra length of the original CamRanger cable. (NOTE: This is not available in USB 3.0.)

One bonus of having this shorter cable is it does eliminate the needed JerkStopper Camera Support since there will not be as much slack and hence less risk of yanking or tension on the port.

Mounting Options

The next question is where to mount the device while you are shooting.  Options for mounting the CamRanger include:

The Mighty Mount + 1/4″-20 Hot Shoe Mount – this is an adhesive mount that attaches to the bottom of your CamRanger, screwed into the Hot Shoe Adapter and mounts to your camera’s hot shoe.
SmartClip + Hot Shoe option is another way of securing your CamRanger without using adhesive.
The StrapMoore Extender made of GripperElastic® can velcro around your camera strap securing your CamRanger without slipping.
The CamRanger Tripod Mounting Kit provides a secure way to mount the CamRanger on a tripod for safe and convenient use while shooting.
The CamRanger Camera Mounting Kit provides a secure way to mount the CamRanger on a DSLR in a convenient and secure manner while shooting.