Inspired Tethered Videography Setup: Eddie Tapp

Posted by: on Sep 26, 2013

Inspired Tethered Videography Setup: Eddie Tapp

This article was written by Eddie Tapp for the Better When You Tether series of articles by professional photographers who experience the benefits of shooting tethered in various shooting environments.

YouTether_Logo_082613-02Background On The Shoot

“Shooting tethered video takes the guess work out of production and editing. Clients are impressed with a tethered shoot and once they experience the production value, will request the same each time.” – Eddie Tapp

The shoot was for a series of 10 educational videos instructed by photographer Judy Host with topics such as “How to get started in a career of photography”, “What equipment do I start with?” and “What do I need to know when photographing children?” The shoot was the “talking head” part of the instructional videos that will be released once a month for photographic lab. 

Photo courtesy ©Eddie Tapp

The Gear

My video setup features a Canon 5dMkIII on a Gitzo Tripod when I am shooting educational videos on photography.

Camera Side:

About Eddie

Eddie-TappEddie Tapp is a photographer, author and educator. He is a recognized expert in digital photography, Photoshop, color management and workflow, and he has taught these subjects to thousand of photographers around the world. He is a much sought after consultant, having worked with large corporations, government agencies, as well as many of the top companies in the photo industry. He has authored the books “Photoshop Workflow Setups” and “Practical Color Management” and contributed to many other books and magazines. He is a regular speaker at PhotoshopWorld, and other conventions and conferences. A Canon Explorer of Light , Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee… Eddie holds these honors with PPA, Master Photographer, Master Electronic Imaging, Photographic Craftsman, Approved Photographic Instructor, Certified Professional Photographer.

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