Increasing Sales and Business with Animoto

Posted by: on Feb 08, 2012

Increasing Sales and Business with Animoto
A photographer shares an Animoto video on Facebook
In recent weeks, we’ve been having a lot of fun with Animoto. It’s an online program that turns photos and video clips into professional video slideshows. The best part is that Animoto is really easy to use, fast, and a relatively low cost way to increase your client satisfaction and photo sales tenfold. Animoto offers the most time and cost-effective way we’ve found yet to encourage sales and increase business from your clients. Here’s how to do it: Create Word-of-Mouth Marketing Having a plan to combat the “slow season” is important. Video can play a huge role in your marketing strategy. Try producing a video for clients that you know are on Facebook. Make sure the video begins and ends with your studio logo, then upload it to Facebook and tag your clients. More than likely, they’ll “like” the video and even comment on how great it is. Once they do this, the interaction appears on their Facebook timelines, which means some of their friends are likely to see it. This is a great way to get more qualified leads into your door and your name out in the community! Sell Videos a La Carte The old sales saying goes, “if you don’t show it, people won’t buy it.” If all you show are albums, then you’re going to only sell albums. The same idea goes with prints, canvas wraps, and yep, video. Kick off a proofing session with an Animoto video. This adds an emotionally compelling element to clients’ photos. You want to get them in the right state of excitement and sentimentality before pitching them on pricing. Plus, these videos create a great add-on sale. Make sure that you include the pricing for the video on your price list once you get to that stage of the sales process. Include Video in Your Premiere Package Animoto videos are a nice incentive to get your clients to step-up to a higher-tiered package. These videos really motivate clients to pay more while making them feel like they’re getting a good add-on value. Let’s say you’re pricing out a client’s portrait project for $125 but you really want to bring in more revenue. Show them how, if they pay just a little more, they’ll get a creatively packaged video they can use for future promotional efforts. SPECIAL OFFER: Tether Tools customers can purchase 1 year of Animoto Pro by March 1st and receive 2 additional months for free! The promo code is tethertools.

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