How to Wirelessly Tether to the Microsoft Surface Pro

Posted by: on Feb 03, 2017

How to Wirelessly Tether to the Microsoft Surface Pro
Photo Courtesy of Catherine Slye
Microsoft touts the Surface Pro 4 as “the tablet that can replace your laptop” and for some photographers who’ve tried out the versatile device, they seem to generally agree. Ultrathin and fast, it’s strikes a balance of portability and power. The Surface Pro has USB ports that allow for tethered shooting with TetherPro USB cables, but if you want to break free and go wireless you can still your images in Capture One Pro, Smart Shooter or your favorite tethering software via Case Air Wireless Tethering System! No internet connection is needed to setup the Case Air, simply plug the device into the camera’s USB port and the Case Air creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows for a wireless connection to your Surface Pro.

Case Air and the Case Remote App for Microsoft Windows

Case Air Wireless Tethering System from Tether Tools
Within the Case Remote Windows app, nearly every camera function can be manipulated, including focus and exposure settings. Once connected you can take advantage of live view, grid, control video, and even do specialized tasks like bracketing, HDR, time-lapse shooting, and focus-stacking. Images can be downloaded to your Surface Pro and automatically imported to Lightroom or Capture One for on-the-go editing and sharing. For more information on setting that up, check out our articles on ‘Using the Case Air with Capture One’ and ‘Using the Case Air with Adobe Lightroom’ on We’ve also published a full 21-page downloadable manual that covers the Case Remote Windows Software in detail. To download the manual, review demonstration videos, and to download the Case Remote Windows software visit:

What You’ll Need to Mount the Surface Pro

It all starts with the AeroTab Universal Tablet System. First, start with the AeroTab L2 or L4. Engineered with a secure corner to corner diagonal brace, the AeroTab keeps your Surface Pro screen, as well as all buttons, cameras, speakers and ports open and accessible. For the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 you’ll need the larger version of the AeroTab, the AeroTab L2 or L4. The AeroTab L2 mount option is designed to mount to any 1/4″-20 tripod and Arca-style ball head. The AeroTab 2 mount option features all the versatile functionality of Tether Tools LoPro-2 ProBracket and will mount to any lightstand, Master Clamp, Arm or Elbow and more. The AeroTab L4 mount option includes the mounting options of the 2 mount (LoPro-2) and includes a 5/8″ (16mm) Baby Stud and 3/8″ thread. The AeroTab 4 mount option features all the versatile functionality of Tether Tools LAJO-4 Pro Bracket. If you go with the L2, you can either mount it directly on an arca-style ballhead or you can pickup a Rock Solid EasyGrip and mount your AeroTab and Surface Pro on a tripod leg or pole. If you decide to go with the L4 you’ll have the option to use gear that utilize a 5/8” (16mm) Baby Stud or 3/8” thread.  Some options here would include the Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm + Clamp Kit that would allow you to clamp your kit just about anywhere, or the Rock Solid Elbow which you could use to mount your AeroTab on a lightstand stud or pair with a Master Clamp to attach to a pole. The Rock Solid Elbow and Master Articulating Arm allow you to adjust the viewing angle of the AeroTab. For more information on mounting options for your Surface Pro or to begin shooting tethered wirelessly with the Case Air, visit