How to Shoot Tethered to an iPad via Lighroom Mobile

Posted by: on Sep 03, 2015

How to Shoot Tethered to an iPad via Lighroom Mobile

lightroom-mobile-hero-100259896-galleryWe’re often asked how you can shoot tethered and have a client, make-up artist, or assistant following the shoot using an iPad or phone or even have a client view the images remotely from their office. A recent video blog from Photography Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Terry White helped answer this question! Using Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile you can shoot tethered to Lightroom and have your shots automatically sync to Lightroom Mobile via Creative Sync and those shots will be on all of your devices as well as the web simultaneously. Best of all, it’s easy to setup!

Setup your camera to a TetherPro Cable and connect your laptop. Run Lightroom and follow the below steps:

  • Select Tether Capture, then Start Tethered Capture
  • Under Destination select Add to Collection
  • Select Create Collection to create your new Collection
  • Select the Sync with Lightroom mobile

Once you start shooting your photos will go to a folder on the hard drive of your laptop, and also be automatically added to the new Collection, which in turn will sync to Lightroom Mobile.  Any phone, iPad or tablet that is running Lightroom Mobile will be able to view the photos, including anyone logged onto the web version of your collection at

If your client is local you can hand them your phone or iPad with Lighroom Mobile running and they’ll be able to see the photos as you shoot.

What if your client is not on location? Go into Lightroom and the Collection you just created. Select the option Make Public, and in doing so you’ll generate a custom URL for that Collection which you can then send to anyone offsite! Your client will able to view that Collection remotely (and only that Collection) and if they sign in with an Adobe ID they can Like photos and add comments.

Watch below from Terry White to see him share this setup, as well as a bonus tip at the end of the video!