How to Power Your Camera with a Solar Panel

Posted by: on Sep 13, 2017

How to Power Your Camera with a Solar Panel
Photo Courtesy of Goal Zero
  For photographers and filmmakers who want to shoot time-lapse, star trails, video, and more without downtime or having to constantly swap out expensive proprietary camera batteries, the Case Relay Power System from Tether Tools is an invaluable tool. The photographers at National Parks at Night call the Case Relay a “game-changer” (read their review here). The Case Relay becomes extremely powerful when paired with a solar panel for photographers who are out in the wilderness, such as landscape photographers chasing THE shot or night photographers hiking to a location. With advancement in solar panel technology, it’s been easier and more affordable than ever to incorporate solar in your kit. And don’t worry about cloudy days. You’ll obviously collect the most power from the sun on bright clear days, but solar panels utilize IR, UV, and visible rays from the sun that can penetrate through the clouds.

Necessary Gear

  1. Case Relay Camera Power System
With Case Relay, you’ll never run out of power and never need to stress about forgetting your camera batteries. If you’re shooting and get low on battery power, simply swap out external batteries throughout your shoot. Case Relay’s internal UPS battery will keep your camera powered while you exchange external batteries.
  1. Relay Camera Coupler
The compatible Relay Camera Coupler is inserted directly into your camera battery port, then connected to the Case Relay Camera Power System – powering your camera. Find the necessary Relay Camera Coupler version  for your camera at  
  1. Venture 70 Recharger – External USB Battery Pack
The Venture 70 packs the power you need to keep your Case Relay charged no matter the elements you may be out battling. Features two USB ports capable of dishing out 2.4A at the same time. With an IPX67 weatherproof rating and 17,700 mAh the Venture will keep everything running smoothly. Charge via a compatible solar panel, the wall, or any USB power source.
  1. Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel
A 14-Watt panel reengineered to be lighter and smarter, the Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel has the innovative technology to charge USB devices such as the Venture 70 Recharger directly from the sun. Detachable kickstand for modularity and power-flow indicator ensure the best solar charging experience.  

Setting it Up

  1. Keeping the cables unconnected, first insert the Relay Camera Coupler into your camera, completely close the door
  2. Connect the Case Relay to the Venture 70 Recharger
  3. Connect the Relay Camera Coupler to the Case Relay
  4. Keep the Venture 70 Recharger charged up as needed with the Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel