Holiday Gifts for Photographers

Posted by: on Oct 31, 2012

Holiday Gifts for Photographers

It’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping! Here are some of our suggestions for photographers and other creative types.

Look Lock

For photographing babies, pets & families…
Keeping children and pets engaged during a photoshoot is difficult, but it’s not impossible! We’ve made things simpler for these photographers with the Look Lock System ($74.95), an easy-to-use tool designed for mounting any smart phone or small device right above your lens. Gone are the days of frustrated parents dangling toys over your equipment. Say goodbye to making monkey calls just for a swift glance at the camera…with the Look Lock you can display fun videos or apps in the perfect spot that will keep your subjects interested.

Rock Solid Articulating Arm and MiniClamp

Tether Tools Tablet Mic Stand Kit

For the fun and tech of it…
Did you know that Tether Tools also creates and sells products for videographers and musicians? In fact, our entire line of Rock Solid Arms, Brackets & Clamps is so versatile, that creative individuals are finding new uses for the products every day. Some of our favorites include mounting your tablet securely to a drum kit, microphone stand, or even a golf cart! Between the Rock Solid line and the Wallee Tablet System, the possibilities are never-ending. Bring your iPad or Galaxy Tab to the grocery store, in the car to entertain kids in the backseat, or, yes, even in the cockpit. You can mount your tablet virtually anywhere in the home or on the road.

Tether Tools Tether Table Aero System

For the best quality images in-studio…
The benefits to shooting tethered are seemingly endless…better photographer-subject-client communication; viewing images on a larger screen to more accurately measure focus, exposure and color; increased workflow efficiency because you’re sending large images directly to your computer for easier access during editing. Take your pick! The system that started it all, our line of Tether Tables & Accessories are durable, versatile and high-quality products that come together for the ultimate tethered photography workstation. It’s an ideal solution that keeps your expensive photography equipment safe and within reach during shoots.


For photographers always on-the-go…
The world is your studio. You’re always on the move, hustling from location to location and job to job. But how to keep gear organized and secure? We’ve got a few suggestions for you. A Tether Table is a must in the field where elements of your shoot can change by the moment. And they all come with a custom carrying case for easy transport. We had a lot of fun developing the StrapMoore ($18.95) and our customers have had even more fun coming up with new uses for the tool. Among them, organizing unruly cords and mounting battery packs to tripods, even bikes! Keep cables neat and orderly with our Tether Tools Cable Organization Cases in standard ($17.95) and large ($26.95) sizes. And, the Rock Solid EasyGrip and Articulating Arms are sturdy enough to hold your gear, but light enough to travel with.

Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite & Case

For capturing life’s most exciting moments – on your tablet…
Do you take your Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab with you everywhere? When scrolling through vacation photos that you snapped on your tablet, do you see something that’s missing? (Hint: It’s you, because you’re always behind the camera.) With the Connect Lite ($49.95) and Wallee iPad or Galaxy Tab Case ($39.95), you can capture life’s best moments and still be a part of them because the system allows you to mount your iPad or Galaxy Tab to just about anything imaginable. So prep your shot, set the self-timer, and jump in the photo! Oh, and afterward, be sure to treat your family to some ice cream as a “thanks” for all of the time spent posing. Seriously.