GoPro HERO3 White Edition USB Tethering Cables

Posted by: on Oct 17, 2013

GoPro HERO3 White Edition USB Tethering Cables
GoPro Hero3 White Tethering Cables
Photo courtesy of GoPro

The GoPro HERO3 White Edition is a highly versatile and mobile camera compatible with the TetherPro USB A to Mini B 5 pin cable and TetherPro HDMI Micro to HDMI Cable.

Available in high-visibility orange or black, the TetherPro Mini B 5 pin cable features gold-plated connectors for corrosion resistance, ensuring consistent and reliable conductivity. A ferrite core is also included to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors. Additionally, all TetherPro cables are fully shielded to protect against external signal interference.

The TetherPro USB A to Mini B, available in various lengths including 15 feet (4.6m), connects to the GoPro HERO3 White Edition via the USB Mini-B port located on the side of the camera’s body. This cable is designed and manufactured to highest USB specifications, ensuring delivery of excellent performance.

TetherPro USB A to Mini B 5 pin cable

USB specifications recommend limiting the length of a passive USB cable to 15 feet. If you plan to tether your camera longer than 15 feet, you will need an active extension. USB Active Extension, available in 16, 32, 49 or 65 feet (5, 9.7,15 or 20m), used in conjunction with your passive USB cable, will boost the signal, reduce transmission errors and lower noise, enabling the longer tethering distances when needed.

TetherPro HDMI Micro to HDMI Cable is ideal for photography or streaming HD video. You can easily connect the Micro cable to any HDMI TV or monitor for instant streaming or mirroring. With an all-in-one high-definition and high-speed AV connection, the TetherPro HDMI Micro Cable is available in 3-, 6-, 10- and 15-foot lengths.

GoPro Hero3 White Tethering Cables

An optimal choice for HD video, live view, audio, photography or to stream date, the HDMI Micro (Type D) connectors are the high definition standard and allow one to connect portable HDMI equipped devices to the standard HDMI connector (Type A) found on most televisions, monitors and receivers. TetherPro HDMI also delivers high-resolution multichannel digital audio and achieves bandwidths up to 10.2 Gbps for stunning pictures with up to 4092×2160 resolution.

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