Get to Know the ONsite Relay C Camera Power System

Posted by: on Sep 16, 2021

Get to Know the ONsite Relay C Camera Power System

No matter what type of photography or video you’re creating, if you’re on a shoot then long-lasting power is critical to have. Consistent camera up-time is invaluable in video and photoshoot of all kinds—especially with things like traveling photography, on-location photography and even video conferencing. A pause to swap out batteries can mean a missed opportunity and wasted time. The ONsite Relay C Camera Power System  lets you power your camera continually with any external USB-C battery or AC wall power. Let’s go over why the ONsite Relay C Camera Power System should always be in your camera bag.  

Extended Camera Power for Traveling and On-Location Photoshoots 

If you’re shooting astrophotography, night photography or any kind outdoor photography, it’s always recommended that you pack light. Having a hefty amount of gear can be cumbersome and hard to set up, but at the same time, you want to also pack the necessary gear to fully capture sights and your subjects of all types—whether it be people, the nighttime sky, and other subjects. One of the most challenging things to plan for is how many spare batteries you will need and figuring out when you’ll have the chance to recharge these batteries. More than likely, you’ll end up in the middle of a photoshoot with a low battery and no way to quickly charge the battery. 

When it comes to on-location photography, your setup can be a bit more laid out and robust. On-location shoots can last extended periods time, whether it’s a half day or 10 hours. Power is important part of your shoot so that you’re not having to stop in the middle of your work and have to find replacement batteries in your bag. What’s worse, what if you happen to forget to pack extra camera batteries or didn’t charge the one you have packed the night before? That could damper your on-location photoshoot.  

Either of these scenarios can be alleviated with the ONsite Relay C because it allows for any USB-C battery, USB-C wall adapters, and D-Tap adapters to charge with it. Whether you already own them or not, universal batteries can be found almost anywhere in the world in many different types of electronic stores or department stores like Target. This makes the ONsite Relay C a great thing to own because of its adaptability to work in conjunction with these universal batteries.   

Long Lasting Video Conferencing Using a DSLR/Mirrorless Camera

Video conferencing, in particular, has become crucial to daily remote work, content creation and vlogging. In fact, many photographers have gotten creative and have begun using their DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras as webcams. For this reason, power is a main component when it comes to communicating with clients. When you’re video conferencing with clients with your camera, the last thing you want to worry about is if the battery in your camera is losing power. The ONsite Relay C eliminates this issue. The ONsite Relay C connects to a standard USB-C power bank, wall adapter, or D-Tap battery. The other end of the ONsite Relay connects to the Relay Camera Coupler which is inserted into your DSLR or mirrorless camera to power your camera without interruption.  

Non-Proprietary Versus Camera-Specific Batteries  

The ONsite Relay C Camera Power System is more cost effective than purchasing multiple proprietary camera batteries and is universally compatible with most proprietary Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Blackmagic and Olympus cameras, many Sony NP-F L-Series video monitors and lights and compatible with cameras and devices requiring up to 8V of power. Best of all, the external battery pack you bring along to power your camera is a standard USB external power bank. The same type of battery you would use to charge your photo on the go.  

What other features does the ONsite Relay C have? 

Not only does the ONsite Relay easily power your camera with external USB-C battery packs, it allows you to do it with two batteries at a time. This gives you the ability to “hot swap” between the two batteries with no downtime. The ONsite Relay C also comes with an adjustable silicone strap so that you’re able to connect to a tripod leg and organize cables while not in use. The 1/4” – 20 thread to connect to an L-Bracket is a nice feature so you can use along with our TetherArca Onsite Relay for L-Brackets to place this on your camera for ease of use and mobility. 

Whether you’re traveling, on-location, video conferencing with clients, among other things, the ONsite Relay C provides you with a long lasting power accessibility that is needed for photographers who work for extended periods of time. 

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