Get to Know: Tether Table Aero Accessories

Posted by: on Apr 26, 2016

Get to Know: Tether Table Aero Accessories
Photo courtesy of Joe McNally
Photo courtesy of Joe McNally
Are you ready to build your ultimate workstation? The Tether Table Aero System allows photographers, videographers, and creatives to build a workstation that fits their unique needs. Start with any tripod, lightstand, or c-stand, and add a stable, lightweight, and portable Tether Table laptop platform. Here’s just a few of our favorite accessories for the versatile Tether Table Aero!
One of our most highly-recommended accessories to customers who own a Tether Table is the SecureStrap. The universal adjustable strap fastens your laptop computer to your Tether Table, providing you peace of mind, and insuring the laptop will stay firmly in place. Best of all, it fits all Tether Tables and laptop sizes.
SecureStrap – $17.95
Aero ProPad
The Aero ProPad is another accessory that laptop users will love. This cushioned, specially-formulated memory foam pad keeps your laptop from slipping or scratching. The ProPad also features wave-channeling technology that disperses heat generated by your laptop computer through embedded air channels.
Aero ProPad $16.95 – $19.95
Aero XDC and Aero XDC Duo
The Aero XDC + XDC Duo (eXternal Drive Compartment) allows you to attach external hard drives to your Tether Table Aero without taking up valuable space on the platform. Enjoy all the benefits of immediately backing up your work to external hard drives without having to worry about where you will put them.
Aero XDC $49.95 – $54.95
The StrapMoore is a handy contraption that secures to the leg of your tripod or stand. Secure your laptop power brick, TetherBoost, off-camera flash, external hard drive, or use it to route your TetherPro USB cable.
StrapMoore $18.95
Aero Cup Holder
Keep hydrated (or caffeinated) on set with the Aero Cup Holder! This convenient accessory attaches to the Tether Table Aero to hold beverages, small tools, or even a cell phone. The cantilevered design attaches to the side of the table and tucks away nicely when not in use.
Aero Cup Holder – $29.95
Think Tank Photo Pixel Sunscreen
The Think Tank Photo Pixel Sunscreen is the perfect solution for any photographer struggling to see their laptop screen in bright, harsh light. The sunshade eliminates reflections and glare on the laptop screen, keeping the viewing area dark.
Think Tank Photo Pixel Sunscreen $84.75
Aero Hooks
Keep things organized and cleaned with Aero Hooks! Tether Tools Aero Clip-On Hooks are a jack-of-all-trades accessory that attach to the flat edge of the Tether Table and are ideal for hanging lightweight items such as cables, cords, off-camera flashes, and other accessories.
Aero Cable & Accessory Hook (3 Pack) – $12.95
  It’s time to bling out your table! Head over to our Tether Table Aero System page at and accessorize your setup as you see fit! Fully customize your table to create a workstation that is exceptionally tailored to your individual workflow.