Get to Know: Accessory Extension Bar

Posted by: on Oct 19, 2017

Get to Know: Accessory Extension Bar
  The RapidMount Accessory Extension Bar allows the mounting of multiple pieces of photography or video accessories to a camera’s hot shoe or arm in a secure, convenient, and compact manner. Mount microphones, speedlights, strobe triggers, monitors, Go Pros, smartphones – the possibilities are endless. If you have a piece of gear like an audio receiver pack or wireless mic without a 1/4”-20 thread, simply add a Rock Solid Mighty Mount and you can then attach to the extension bar. A favorite of photographer and videographer Richard Harrington, he has called the Accessory Extension Bar his favorite piece of Tether Tools gear. “It’s in my bag all the time,” says Richard. “From time-lapse to video, I use that thing on every shoot. It allows me to put all of the tools I need in one place while keeping my eye on the shot and turning my camera into a command center.”

Using a Pocket Wizard or Speedlight and Case Air Simultaneously

When talking to customers about the Case Air Wireless Tethering System one of the most common questions we hear is, “How can I mount my Case Air, especially if I’m using a speedlight or Pocket Wizard.”  If you have a situation where you also require your wireless radio trigger or speedlight to be on your camera, look into the option of the Accessory Extension Bar. This bar can mount multiple pieces to the top of the camera while still having a secure placement of the Case Air near your camera. If you do opt for the Accessory Extension Bar, you’ll need to visit Pocket Wizard’s Cable Finder page here: Simply enter in the manufacturer and model of your flash, and the page will provide you with the sync cable you’ll need.

Using the Look Lock System Alongside a Pocket Wizard or Flash

Children and pet photographers know how difficult it can be to grab the attention of their subjects. The Look Lock System is a camera-mountable universal smartphone holder with an articulating arm for mounting small devices above your lens or camera body. Mount the Look Lock to the Accessory Bar and you’ll still be able to use your radio trigger so you can fire the strobes and nail the shot.

Turn Your Camera into a Video Rig

Easily attach an external monitor, microphone, and LED light to the Accessory Extension Bar on top of your camera to free up your workspace and the number of people needed on set to get the shot.

Add a GoPro for a First Person Behind-the-Scenes View of the Shoot

First person, behind-the-scenes videos are great marketing tools and your clients will love them. You can add a GoPro directly to your camera’s hot shoe, but if you want to also use a flash, Pocket Wizard or another piece of gear the Accessory Extension Bar is incredibly handy.
Photo Courtesy of Richard Harrington