Germany: Pentax K-1 Roadshow

Posted by: on May 23, 2016

Pentax_K1_Roadshow-2016 The time has finally come – Pentax is hitting the road to present its Pentax K-1 camera and other innovative photography tools.  Hands-on testing is encouraged. An Elinchrom lighting specialist will be available to answer questions. The following products will be demonstrated live:
  • ELB 400 with action, Pro and HS head
  • BRX 500
  • D-Lite RX One, D-Lite RX 4
  • ELC 1000
  • ProTec Trolly
  • Lite Motive 120 incl EL Connection Ring
  • Deep Octa 70
  • Bayonet adapter Ranger Quadra / ELB
  • Skyport PLUS Set
  • Octa 56cm RQ
  • Transmitter HS Canon / Nikon
  • Plus, selected products from Tether Tools!
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