Frank Doorhof Germany Workshop: Dusseldorf

Posted by: on May 20, 2014

Frank Doorhof Germany Workshop: Dusseldorf
Photo courtesy ©Frank Doorhof

Join us on Saturday June 28th in historic “Schloss Mickeln”  (1840) for a full day workshop on a beautiful location, close by the University of Dusseldorf.

220px-Schloss_Mickeln_Düsseldorf-1We start with a short Q&A inside, so that the model can do here make up. Then we scout locations and we start the first setup as soon as possible. Your instructor Frank Doorhof sets up the lights and makes some shots, explaining how and why. you can see the images on the computer as they come in. Off course you can shoot this setup too. This is a unique hands-on photography experience, in a small group of max 12 students.

You will learn all about:
* model coaching; pose models successfully, getting the right expression, adding motion etc.
* light setups; natural light, big flash, mixing strobes and available light, using window light
* locations; how to create a different range of images from the same location, finding the right spot
* light metering;  no more guessing, reflective and incident metering demystified
* angles and perspectives, learning the rules and breaking them
* business tips, working with social media and retouching
* and much more….

Join us, learn to create stunning images.
This workshop is designed to inspire and to push all creative boundaries. 

Events Details

Location: Schloss Mickeln
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Price: €350,00