Fall Photography Gear Selections from Tether Tools

Posted by: on Oct 10, 2017

Fall Photography Gear Selections from Tether Tools
There may be no better time of year to be a photographer than fall. The leaves are changing and the fall colors provide image opportunities that are unparalleled.  From landscape and portrait to time-lapse and food, no matter what type of photography you practice we have a couple setups that will have you feeling sweeter than a pumpkin spice latte.

Shooting Tethered Wirelessly to an iPad

If you’re out shooting this season, either capturing nature shots or family portraits, doing so tethered can make your life a whole lot easier. You can check the vivid colors and details of your shots, and if you’re working with families, include them in the shoot by previewing certain shots. Tether Tools makes shooting tethered in the great outdoors a breeze with our Aerotab Utility Kit and Case Air Wireless Tethering System. Using a tablet to shoot tethered, the kit allows photographers to mount your tablet to a tripod leg while on location. Advantages of this setup:
  • Simple to setup and can take anywhere
  • View images on a screen larger than your camera’s small LCD
  • Images are transferred to tablet for quick and easy social sharing
Gear required:  

Shooting Tethered with an Overhead Shot Setup

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Scrivani
In an interview last year with New York Times Food Section legend Andrew Scrivani, we talked about food photography and what his workflow looked like. Scrivani said, “Shooting tethered is very helpful due to the remote control of the camera, especially updating light and other settings through the computer. The LiveView function, I shoot overhead a lot, helps set up the frame. I shoot tethered exclusively when others are on set, it’s especially great for clients, art directors, and stylists.” From roasted turkey to pumpkin pie there are plenty of beautiful dishes to shoot in fall, and it’s hard not to notice the overhead camera view’s popularity in food photography. An overhead shot setup is a great tool to have in your arsenal, and with a few pieces of gear from Tether Tools it couldn’t be easier. The star of the show for this setup is our Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm. To set up, you’ll first secure the side arm to a tripod, then attach a tripod ball head to one end of the side arm and attach your camera. It’s also absolutely necessary to shoot tethered once the camera is set up on the side arm. Leaning over your plate of food or product, struggling to take and check shots just won’t work. Once your camera is connected and tethered to a computer, you can trigger the camera, check focus, change settings, all from the comfort of your laptop or computer. Advantages of this setup:
  • Trigger the camera remotely from your laptop or computer
  • Check focus and change settings from your tethered workstation
  • Save yourself from back pain by getting the overhead shot without bending over the food
Gear required:  

Using the Case Relay to Power Long Exposures

When shooting forested streams and waterfalls, the combination flowing water and autumn leaves can create amazing results. Now add in the technique of long exposure and you can create images that are both beautiful and unique. The combination of swirling water, golden leaves, and a long exposure creates a vortex of color. Experiment with the length of shutter speed by adjusting the ISO and lens aperture to get your desired effect. Keep in mind that the speed and direction of the current, as well as the volume of leaves, can greatly influence the look of your shot. The Case Relay Camera Power System uses an external battery pack to power your camera providing you the peace of mind that you can have all day to shoot, without worrying about your camera running out of power. Advantages of this setup:
  • Compatible with most cameras, no need to purchase multiple camera batteries
  • Continually power your camera with USB battery packs
  • Hot-swap batteries mid-shooting with no downtime
Gear required: