Extensive Photographic Lighting Techniques with Zach Sutton – Sponsored by Profoto, offered by Samy’s Photo School

Posted by: on Aug 22, 2017

Extensive Photographic Lighting Techniques with Zach Sutton – Sponsored by Profoto, offered by Samy’s Photo School
This Photographic Lighting Extensive is designed for the intermediate to advanced photographer who is looking to gain more control over their professional lighting tools and techniques. From beauty photography to advertising and everything in between, this eight hour workshop will help to ramp up your knowledge and give you complete education in just short eight hours. You will learn how to mold and shape light with limitless possibilities. With an easy to understand direction and teaching style, instructor Zach Sutton help bring your skillsets to the next level. With Profoto and Samy’s as sponsors, attendees will have the opportunity to use the lighting and photographic tools discussed in the class. Along with a large variety of Profoto lighting and modifiers to use during the workshop, professional models will also be provided for you to test the techniques taught. You will not only have the opportunity to learn to tools of the trade within the field, but you will also have the ability to work hands-on practicing these techniques in a stress-free setting. Zach Sutton will teach the following topics in a classroom setting:
  • How & Why We Create with Light
  • Explanation of the Science of Light
  • Expansive Breakdown of Lighting Modifiers
  • Identification of Tools Used and Why
  • Effective Lighting Techniques Explained
  • Building Effective Lighting Sets
  • Expert Level Light Shaping Made Easy
  • Active Gelling Techniques
  • Overview of Tools Used

About Zach Sutton:

Zach Sutton is a Los Angeles Photographer specializing in Headshots, Portraits, Events, and Weddings. Zach’s passion is to simply take great photos that contain an style unlike other photographers. He is available for hire for portrait sessions, headshot photography, wedding photography, commercial photography and event photography in Los Angeles, California and the surrounding areas. Zach Sutton also travels to various parts of the world for photography – check the blog to see if he is coming to a town near you. Zach Sutton is an internationally published photographer and instructor that has had his work featured at Fstoppers, Retouching Academy, WPPI, Phototuts+, photofocus, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Profoto Blog, Creative Live, Canon Imagination Blog, and more.
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