Essential Videography Gear from Tether Tools

Posted by: on Jan 03, 2017

Essential Videography Gear from Tether Tools
Tether Tools Pro Benjamin Kurtz
Videographers today are taking advantage of all kinds of new tools available to help create truly world-class works of art. If you’re serious about video production, Tether Tools has the mounting and cable management tools you need to integrate the latest technology into your kit. TetherPro HDMI Adapters and Couplers
TetherPro HDMI Swivel Adapter
In video work you need to be ready for anything, and having couplers and adapters in your kit makes it easy to connect other people into the chain and collaborate. Don’t waste time rewiring; rather than having different HDMI cords, you have several different flexible couplers – having one of each means you’re never the problem, you have the solution in your kit. StrapMoore Incredibly handy, the StrapMoore is ideal for cable management or mounting items to tripod legs or c-stands. JerkStopper Cable Management Keep cables organized and securely attached to your devices with Tether Tools’ JerkStopper cable management tools.  A clean, organized, and safe environment keeps your cables, your camera, and your equipment protected. Case Relay Camera Power System
Case Relay with Rock Solid External Battery Pack, and StrapMoore
If you shoot video or time-lapse and want the peace of mind knowing that your camera won’t die during a long shoot take a look at the Case Relay Camera Power System. It provides uninterruptible power for a DSLR or mirrorless camera using any standard 5V USB battery pack or a wall outlet. Cameras from manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Fuji are raising the bar when it comes to video capabilities, and are definitely not simply just for still photography any longer. A few of these cameras are highly regarded in the video community, but a long time-lapse or day of shooting video takes extensive power. The new Case Relay Camera Power System introduces, for the first time ever, a hot swappable, uninterrupted power source for most DSLR and Mirrorless cameras on the market today. Case Relay meets the demands of videographers for whom consistent camera up-time is critical. Stopping video production to remove cameras from stands to change batteries is a challenge of the past. Case Relay’s secondary 1,200 mAh charge, means you can swap out power sources mid-shoot and maintain 100% uptime. VESA Compliant Vu Monitor Mount VESA compliant Studio Vu Monitor Mounts provide a streamlined way to mount monitors on stands and tripods for video productions. Ideal for versatile studio set ups or location work, the mounts are easy to set up, sturdy and reliable. RapidMount Accessory Extension Bar Mount microphones, monitors, GoPros, smartphones – the possibilities are endless. The bar provides easily attachable points without having to use a full-size cage. If you have a piece of gear like an audio receiver pack or wireless mic without a 1/4”-20 thread, simply add a Rock Solid Mighty Mount and you can then attach to the extension bar. Camera Platform The Rock Solid Camera Platform quickly and securely mounts to any 5/8” (16mm) Baby Stud allowing to securely mount an Atomos recorder, disc recorder, or external recorder directly to the mount with ease.   The name of the game for videographers is flexibility and gear from Tether Tools lets you hit the ground running. Shop now at