Creating a Mobile Studio on Wheels

Posted by: on Sep 13, 2017

Creating a Mobile Studio on Wheels
In today’s fast paced world of photography, sometimes your best-laid plans go awry and you need to move, change, and adjust on the fly. With these mobile setups, you’ll be able to swiftly move your lights in or out or to a completely different location. Roll your tripod closer, or back; push your tethered workstation over to an assistant or client to check a shot, and much, much more. Mobility is king. When everything is easier to move around, it encourages experimentation, to try new things that you may not have time for otherwise. When your stands, camera, and workstation are stuck to the ground, so are you, and it’s easier to be complacent.

Moving Your Lights with a Rolling Stand

Rock Solid Low Boy Roller Your studio lights can either stay put, or they can move and adjust as you need them to. With a load capacity of 55 lbs (25kg) and a maximum height of 71” (1.8m) the Rock Solid Low Boy Roller can handle any studio light in your arsenal, and with 3” hardened rubber wheels it glides with ease, then locks into place with locking wheels.

Rolling Your Camera and Tripod

Picking up and moving your tripod with camera is awkward, not safe, and there’s just simply a better way. The Rock Solid Tripod Roller is a universal accessory that gives wheels to any tripod, allowing you to move your camera in or out of the shot as necessary. Want to go wide, and move back, roll back. Need to come in close for a tight shot, roll in close.

Tether Workstation on Wheels

A laptop on a Tether Table Aero on a Low Boy Roller Collaboration is key on set and one of the biggest reasons to shoot tethered. Often on set you’ll want your tethered workstation close, but sometimes you’ll want to move it away, perhaps for the benefit of letting a makeup artist, assistant, designer, or client, review the images as you shoot in real-time. Instead of picking up the laptop (dangerous) or having a group of people crowded around you (annoying and distracting) put your workstation on wheels and roll your Tether Table Aero over to your crew. Simply combine the Tether Table Aero with the aforementioned Rock Solid Low Boy Roller or Tripod with Rock Solid Tripod Roller and you’re mobile!

Compact Mobile Workstation

If you want to create a streamlined, compact, mobile tethered workstation look no further than the Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar and Tether Table Aero. This duo combines to create an ideal setup that lets you mount your tethered workstation on the same solid support as your camera. The Cross Bar can mount securely to a tripod center column 3/8” thread, but can also be mounted to the Rock Solid Low Boy Roller using a Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter.

Securing Your Cables on Set

Even though everything is mobile, you’ll still have power cords all over the set. Trip hazards are real, and can be dangerous to both people and equipment so we recommend velcroing your power cords to the base of your stands with Large size, JerkStopper ProTab Cable Ties, securing your TetherPro USB cable with a JerkStopper Camera Support, and mounting a power strip or surge protector with the Aero PowerMount.