Conference: Connect 2013 – Palm Springs Photo Festival

Posted by: on Apr 08, 2013

Conference: Connect 2013 – Palm Springs Photo Festival

Connect 2013 offers the opportunity for professional, emerging professional & serious advanced amateur photographers to study with legendary photographers, show your portfolios in our celebrated Portfolio Review Program, attend cutting-edge Seminars Symposiums and enjoy Evening Presentations by world famous image-makers. Check out the latest gear, network with the master photographers, industry insiders and your contemporaries at several great parties and enjoy the warm Palm Springs weather. Most importantly, we promise you won’t have more FUN at any other photo event. We are dedicated to providing a rich program intended to inspire, educate and instill or reignite passion for the art and commerce of photography. Come join the community!


PORTFOLIO REVIEW PRE-REGISTRATION Deadline to be able to choose & prioritize Portfolio Reviews: Midnight, April 11th, 2013. (After April 11th at midnight PST, only remaining reviews will be available)

OPEN PORTFOLIO REVIEW PROGRAM: Only 80 photographers may participate in this program. Present your work to hundreds of faculty, attendees and sponsors in addition to the general public in the Grand Salon of the Hyatt Regency, our Attendee Headquarters hotel on opening day.We have only a few places left!

NO-FEE SLIDE SHOW CONTEST Deadline has been extended to April 12! Send us your slide shows and have the possibility of your work being seen by the entire festival including all of our faculty / influencers in the Annenberg Theater of the Palm Springs Art Museum! The finalists and ultimate winner receive amazing gifts from our sponsors! The work we’re seeing is super – send yours today! Unlike every other competition – we don’t charge to enter our contest.

EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER SCHOLARSHIP Submission Deadline: April 18th. If you’re a graduate student or recent graduate of a recognized graduate photography program, you could receive a $500 check from one of our sponsors to attend one of our four-day workshops!

For more information, please visit Palm Spring Photo Festival Homepage.