Commercial Fitness Lighting with Brandon Tigrett at Blok Studio

Posted by: on Jul 18, 2017

Commercial Fitness Lighting with Brandon Tigrett at Blok Studio
In the fitness advertising world, having a few different lighting setups in your bag of tricks is a must. Often times, when you think of fitness photography you see the same old, over lit or super hardcore/gritty lighting look. This is a viable lighting set up when necessary but most of the time it doesn’t help to tell the story. Brandon will show you many ways to light for fitness because in the advertising industry the way you light your shot is crucial to the narrative you want to tell.
What we’ll cover ● How light affects mood, space, the type of product

● How to light with the end composition in mind, create light that draws the eye across the ad

● Types of modifiers to use ● 3 different types of lighting setups and how each can be modified giving you endless results ● Posing/directing talent to fit the scene ● What to think about before choosing a lighting setup
Your Instructor Brandon Tigrett is a Phoenix based commercial fitness photographer who specializes in active lifestyle, sport and environmental portrait photography. Tether Tools and Photo Shelter recently featured Brandon’s fitness work in their How I Got the Shot Education Guide. Visit Brandon’s website to learn more about him and view his work.