Case Air Wireless Tethered Photography for iPad and iOS Devices

Posted by: on Oct 01, 2016

Case Air Wireless Tethered Photography for iPad and iOS Devices

Advanced Wireless Tethering System for Photographers

Case Air is a non-proprietary wireless tethering system and is compatible with a variety of camera manufacturers and models.  Working with an extensive list of compatible Nikon & Canon DSLR cameras, including CF and SD formats, the Case Air is a fast, reliable, pro-level, wireless tethering solution.  By wirelessly transmitting images to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac (beta), it provides nearly instant visibility of images.  Additionally, many camera settings can be controlled and adjusted from the iOS device.

Features & Benefits The included Case Remote App has a number of pro features which include access to camera settings & controls, image viewing & thumbnails, histograms & metering, HDR & bracketing, stack & touch focus, LiveView & movie recording, remote trigger, and time lapse.  Fast transfer speeds make shooting, viewing and sharing images easy.  Great for studio work or on location shoots, Case Air is packed with pro features, yet the intuitive interface is simple to set-up and use.  Instantly view, zoom, delete and share images wirelessly. The Case Air system is easy to integrate into your photo workflow. Case Air operates on Wireless 802.11 b/g/n and connects at speeds up to 150Mbps.  The unit creates an ad-hoc WiFi network to which an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows can connect.  Once connected, the free CaseRemote app enables image viewing and camera control from the device. There is no need for a computer or existing Internet connection.

The Case Air design is extremely compact 2.64” (67.25mm) x 1.6” (40.11mm) x 0.55” (13.99mm) and lightweight (1.76 ounces / (50g) so the system is easy to carry or mount while shooting.  The device comes with a 1 ft USB cable to connect to the camera.  The Case Air has several mounting options.
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Case Air is an effective tool for collaborating with clients and colleagues as Case Air enables immediate photo viewing and sharing. Clients can now evaluate images as they are shot without the risk of accidentally changing camera settings or tripping the shutter.

Visit Tether Tools for more information or to purchase Case Air.