Capture One Pro 7 Webinar: Shot more than you can chew?

Posted by: on Mar 31, 2014

Capture One Pro 7 Webinar: Shot more than you can chew?
Photo courtesy of ©Jaime DeMarco
Photo courtesy of ©Jaime DeMarco

Efficiently Import, Edit and Output in a Capture One Session 

A Capture One Session is the perfect choice for photographers shooting high volumes of images who then need a quick way to edit down the captures to the final selects. 
Sessions provide the perfect platform to facilitate this with automated folders set to handle imported images, selected images, rejected images and final outputs. A contained in one easy to manage folder. If you need more flexibility then the Session structure is easily modified. 
In this webinar, we will go through a typical scenario, importing directly from memory cards and go through the whole Session workflow, finishing with multiple output types and even a web gallery. 




Session 1: 10AM to 11AM CEST (Central European Summer Time) 
Hong Kong – 4PM, London – 9AM, Paris – 10AM, Dubai – 12PM, Sydney – 6PM, Los Angeles – 1AM, New York – 4AM 

Session 2: 5PM to 6PM CEST (Central European Summer Time) 
Hong Kong – 11AM, London – 4PM, Paris – 5PM, Dubai – 7PM, Sydney – 1AM, Los Angeles – 8AM, New York – 11AM


There are two sessions for this webinar on the same day. Choose the one that is most applicable for your time zone. 

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