Canon 70D USB Tethering Cable

Posted by: on Jul 02, 2013

Canon 70D USB Tethering Cable
Image courtesy of Canon

The Canon 70D is a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DSLR camera and compatible with the TetherPro USB A to Mini B 5 pin cable (Canon IFC-130U compatible). Available in high-visibility orange or black, the TetherPro cable features gold plated connectors for corrosion resistance ensuring consistent and reliable conductivity. A ferrite core is also included to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors. Additionally all TetherPro cables are fully shielded to protect against external signal interference.

The TetherPro USB A to Mini B, available in various lengths including 15 feet (4.6m), connects to the Canon 70D via the USB Mini-B port. This cable is designed and manufactured to highest USB specifications ensuring delivery of excellent performance.

USB specifications recommend limiting the length of a passive USB cable to 15 feet (4.6.m). If you plan to tether your camera longer than that, a USB Active Extension, available in 16, 32, 49 or 65 foot (5, 9.7,15 or 20m) lengths, used in conjunction with your passive USB cable will boost the signal, reduce transmission errors and lower noise.


Also, be sure to check out our complete line of JerkStopper cable retention devices. The JerkStopper removes stress and strain from the camera and computer plugs. This ensures the plugs stay in, and it prevents cable and/or equipment damage. For wireless tethering, the Nikon D4 is compatible with the CamRanger Wireless System.

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