Canon 1Ds Mark II FireWire Tethering Cable

Posted by: on Aug 17, 2013

Canon 1Ds Mark II FireWire Tethering Cable
Canon 1Ds Mark II FireWire Tethering Cable
Photo courtesy of Canon

The Canon 1Ds Mark II is a Hi-Speed DSLR camera and compatible with the TetherPro FireWire 9 Pin to 4 Pin cable (Canon IFC-200PCU compatible). Available in black, the TetherPro cable requires no conversion adapters, so you’ll get the highest quality transmissions possible. Although the camera has a USB Mini B port the connection protocol is USB 1.1 and not compatible with tethering functionality. Only FireWire enables tethering capabilities.

The TetherPro FireWire cable is 15 feet long and ideal for computers using the latest version FireWire 9-Pin technology along with a camera that requires a 4-pin FireWire port. Plus, this cable complies with all IEEE 1394b standards for reducing radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

TetherPro FireWire 9 Pin to 4 Pin

The cable’s FireWire IEEE 1394b specification is backward-compatible, so you also can use it on a camera requiring 9-Pin FireWire with a 4-Pin computer. Consult your equipment manufacturer’s specifications to ensure correct cable type and proper connections.

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