CamRanger Mac OSX Tethering Software Now Available

Posted by: on Jun 14, 2013

CamRanger Mac OSX Tethering Software Now Available

CamRanger App is available for download at the App store.  The App is free but a CamRanger device is required for the App to function properly.


iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch software can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store.


Mac OS X

The Mac OSX is now available for download: version 0.3 (OSX 10.7, 10.8 only)


Windows is currently in beta.

About CamRanger

CamRanger is a non-proprietary wireless tethering system that is compatible with a variety of camera manufacturers and models. Working with an extensive list of compatible Nikon & Canon DSLR cameras, including CF and SD formats, the CamRanger is a fast, reliable, pro-level, wireless tethering solution. By wirelessly transmitting images via software to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac (PC & Android currently in Beta) it provides nearly instant visibility of images. Additionally, many camera settings can be controlled and adjusted from the iOS device.

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