C-Leeuwarden Photography Expo

Posted by: on Sep 21, 2017

C-Leeuwarden Photography Expo
C-Leeuwarden (pronounced as “See Leeuwarden”) is a photography event intended for anyone who is enthusiastic and serious about photography. Not only the (semi) professional, but especially the hobbyist who may want to take the next step is welcome. On Sunday, October 15th,  he largest photography event in northern Netherlands will be hosted in the Rhine in Leeuwarden . C-Leeuwarden drew hundreds of visitors last time, and this time many photo enthusiasts will find the way to Leeuwarden. From 10.00 to 17.00, Leeuwarden will be the capital of photography Netherlands.

Tether Tools will be at the C-Leeuwarden expo, make sure to come visit!

What is there to do?

  • The biggest dark room of Friesland! With about 20 black and white magnifiers and peripherals. Just take a nice negative, and we’ll print it together. There will also be expert guidance. Oldskool!
  • Lectures by photographers. The photographer of the fatherland Robin de Puy speaks about her work
  • Explanation and information by companies working in different segments of (subject) photography
  • Presentation of photo clubs and courses
  • Various companies working in photography
  • Live photoshoot with explanation about studio photography by Photo Group Leeuwarden

C-Leeuwarden is part of the Fryslân Photo Festival .  Friese (amateur) photographers and photo enthusiasts have taken the initiative for a new annual festival: FryslânPhoto. In 2017 the FryslânPhoto Festival will take place from 5 to 29 October in Leeuwarden. This year is the theme festival ‘My Place’. Photographers participating in the festival have asked us to provide images with this theme as inspiration. With the FryslânPhoto Festival, we want to put photography in Fryslân on the map and give northern photographers a stage. We also do that by organizing exhibitions and other photo activities. For example, we want to bring residents and visitors of Fryslân in a low-threshold way in contact with photography. Because photography lives! The festival consists of the following components:
  • A photo tour through the city.
  • A photo competition in collaboration with NRC and Kamera Express. We exhibit the best pictures.
  • A photo project with refugees and indigenous district residents. During the festival these photos are exhibited.
  • A photography fair for photographers and photo enthusiasts, in collaboration with C-Leeuwarden.