Build a DIY Wood Backdrop from Scratch for a Photoshoot with Creators Jada & David

Posted by: on Jul 05, 2023

Build a DIY Wood Backdrop from Scratch for a Photoshoot with Creators Jada & David
How We Got the Shot | Jada & David

Creation of the Set

Creators Jada and David create stunning visual sets from scratch for their photoshoots. In this How I Got the Shot video, the creative pair wanted to create a DIY wood backdrop with only recycled and repurposed pieces from sets that they created in the past. First they started with the design, which took inspiration from a vintage carnival tent. They started by cutting out 3D stripes with a table saw to create dimension and depth.

Color is a key part of Jada and David’s work, and with this shoot they wanted to incorporate light pink and cream to match their models outfit. First they painted the set cream, and added the pink stripes once everything was dried. David then used a CNC machine to create a shape to shoot through. The duo them packed up their set and took it to the studio to start prepping for the shoot!

Now let’s dive in to see how they were able to create and get the perfect shot!

What was the concept of the shoot?

“The striping created a sense of nostalgia that we really wanted to play with. The striping pattern also inspired thoughts of travel and leisure by reminding us of beach umbrellas. We chose to use a softer color palette to create our own unique aesthetic,” said Jada Parrish.

The overall concept of the photo shoot was a traveler who hates to travel.

“Traveling is something that is such a privilege and a luxury for most people. But for our model, it is a job.
And it’s a job she hates,” Jada said.

In these photos the photography duo wanted to showcase boredom and things that a traveler does to waste time during a long seemingly never ending journey.

What setup and lighting did you use to get the shot?

Jada and David used (2) Paul C Buff DigiBee Flash Units. The main light is attached to an 86” White PLM™. Umbrella and the down light was bare bulbed shooting through a diffusion panel. The pair also used a Spekular KYU-6 Light Wrap to fill the shoot through frame. The KYU-6 Light Wrap is a low profile and lightweight light that can be mounted to light both the small shoot through cut out, as well as the interior of the box to add light hidden within the shot.

How did shooting tethered help you achieve the shot you wanted?

“David and I are a creative team. Everything we create is a collaborative effort. He designs the
sets, I choose the paint colors, David lights the shoot, I photograph the shoot. So it is critical that
during a shoot, David sees everything I am shooting in real time. It allows him to make lighting
adjustments or suggest posing ideas to me that greatly impact the success of the shoot,” Jada said.

David uses a Pro Tethering Kit to keep his computer and gear safe and secure while Jada focuses on capturing the shot closer to the model, this set up allows the team to be more collaborative together and focus on finer details with lighting, focus, and more while shooting. The TetherPro Cable‘s speed and reliability allows David to see larger previews of Jada’s shots in real time to help with adjustments during the photoshoot.

What was your biggest challenge?

For this shoot, Jada and David decided to challenge themselves to reuse old pieces from past sets.

“We only used recycled materials and found ways to manipulate them to create an entirely new art piece.
But I think the hardest part was getting the camera and the shape we shot through completely
straight. Everything had to be perfectly aligned to pull off the shot,” said Jada.

What type of post-processing was involved?

The dynamic duo used photoshop and camera raw to edit this photo. They removed scuffs, seams, and screw holes on the set. They also adjusted the exposure and added contrast and saturation and balanced the colors.

What was the logistics and/or gear needed to achieve this shot?

Camera: Canon 5D MKIV
Lens: Tokina 16-28mm F/2.8

(1) Spekular KYU-6
(2) Paul C Buff DigiBee Flash Unit
(1) Paul C Buff 86” White PLM™ Umbrella
Paul C Buff CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter 3

Tether Tools Gear:
Macbook Pro
TetherPro USB-C to 3.0 Micro-B Right Angle
ONsite USB-C 150W PD 25,600 mAh Battery Pack
Rock Solid Low Boy Roller

Tether Table Aero

Who was involved and how did they play a part in the shoot?

Jada, David, and their amazing model Breezy Potter.