B&H Photo’s Best iPad Stands

Posted by: on Dec 17, 2013

B&H Photo’s Best iPad Stands

We loved Kate Kliner’s post on B&H Photo’s InDepth blog about iPad Stands for Entertainment, Travel, Shopping, and More. It’s true what she says – the iPad has become a part of everyday life. We use it in our photography workflow, to watch our favorite movies, even as an on-the-go grocery list.

The best thing an iPad user can do for themselves is to buy the right stand, one that is easy to use and encourages portability. Katie highlighted Tether Tools’ Wallee System, which is different than your typical iPad stand. It’s really a robust and comprehensive modular system that you can use in a number of ways. Once you have the Wallee Case ($39.95), you can incorporate it with a number of compatible accessories that allow for mounting to a wall, desk, tripod, light stand and much more.

Here are just a few visuals for inspiration!

Use the Wallee System To…

Mounting an iPad as a Music Stand Make your own music stand

Mounting an iPad on a Grocery CartMount an iPad to your grocery cart

iPad Mount for Watching MoviesKick back and watch movies on your iPad