Behind-the-Scenes On High Volume Sports Composite Shoot with Wes Maggio

Posted by: on Dec 07, 2018

Behind-the-Scenes On High Volume Sports Composite Shoot with Wes Maggio
Wes’ setup including a Pro Tethering Kit and TetherPro USB cable
Wes recently shared these behind-the-scenes photos of a composite project of a high school football player. “Tommy did eight jumps in all, but honestly, we nailed it in the second jump,” says Wes. “Shooting tethered ensured that we got the shot and that Tommy knew exactly what I was going for!” Wes is shooting tethered using a Pro Tethering Kit which includes Tether Table Aero and accessories and connecting his camera with a TetherPro USB cable.
Setting Focus
“In creating the shot I was looking for critical focus, light in the eyes, overall exposure and position of the body,” explained Wes.
Capturing the Dive
“I created this image by hand in Photoshop. I specifically shot him where I did, against the black mat-wall, anticipating the extraction process. His white uniform against the black background made it fairly easy. About a 10-minute process.”
Extract Image
Final Composite Image
Bio: Weston Maggio is the Director of Business Development at Tether Tools, Adobe certified expert in Photoshop, and high volume school and sports photographer. Wes regularly consults with creative professionals providing instruction on ways to realize their vision and optimize their workflow. A passionate trainer and speaker, he speaks at industry events around the world and contributes to a number of creative magazines and webinars. Follow Wes on Instagram @westonimages.