Amii and Andy Kauth Photo Walk at WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference & Expo 2017

Posted by: on Jan 13, 2017

Amii and Andy Kauth Photo Walk at WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference & Expo 2017
Sunshine & Reign Photography Photo Walk!
We’re stoked to being doing a photo walk at WPPI, 2017, on Tuesday, Feb. 7 @ 4 P.M., sponsored by Tether Tools and MagMod. We’ll be rocking a live demo of a model bride getting hair and makeup done by a professional hair/makeup artist, in a hotel room. And while they’re doing their thing, we’ll be doing ours while the participants in our photowalk join us! Photographing our couples getting ready is definitely a favorite part of the wedding day for us because it sets the stage for the entire wedding day. We shoot all day coverage and are known to photograph for 15+ hours on a wedding day, and we’re all about telling love stories in rad ways. For us, starting the day out photographing our couples is the exposition/introduction to our couples’ stories. Couples spend a lot of time (and their hard earned $) putting together everything that goes into their wedding, and we definitely want to get that documented! Tether Tools and MagMod help us in this regard tremendously! How so? We photograph our couples getting ready in any number of locations, from parents’ homes to hotel rooms with little window light to hotel suites with almost too many windows . . . Tether Tools grips and mounts help us put our light where we need it, and MagMod’s modifiers help us shape that light. It’s a great combination, and we’re excited to show the photographers who attend our photo walk how they can turn ordinary into extraordinary when they take some time and add a few extra pieces of gear into their kit. –  Amii and Andy Kauth


About WPPI

The WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference + Expo is the premier industry event for photographers and filmmakers specializing in the creative and business aspects of wedding and portrait photography and filmmaking. Each year, nearly 13,000 professional and aspiring photographers and filmmakers attend WPPI to learn new techniques from industry leaders, build new relationships to grow their business, experience new products and solutions from major manufacturers to improve their productivity, and enjoy the many attractions in Las Vegas. WPPI is a week-long event combining educational seminars with a major industry trade show and networking events, all designed around learning the latest techniques, building new relationships and growing a business in a friendly, fun environment – all at one time, in one place.

  •  Learn superior technical skills and new shooting styles
  •  Build new relationships to grow your business
  •  Experience new products and solutions from major manufacturers
  •  Discover competitive and affordable ways to grow your business
  •  Meet some of the world’s finest photographic instructors
  •  Make an investment in yourself and your future
The 2017 WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography Expo will take place February 7-9, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Make sure to come by booth #142 to check out the new Case Air Wireless Tethering System and all of our new gear!
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