Adapting to Distance Learning with Tether Tools

Posted by: on Apr 10, 2020

Adapting to Distance Learning with Tether Tools

Home schooling is the new norm and for many families that learning environment will include a screen of one kind or another as kids access calls with their teachers, online video learning, interactive math games or science experiments being taught from a distant lab. 

In this second installment of supporting your at-home lifestyle, we are offering up tips on how to adapt your Tether Tools gear to make home schooling a better experience for your…ahem…students.

While your crew is learning at home, here are some ideas for keeping your tech mounted, secured and powered up.

#1 Mount iPads for Viewing School Videos and Participating in Online Classes

The X Lock Pivot Stand stand rotates vertical to horizontal and can be angled 180 degrees.

#2 Mount iPads for Music Lessons

Lean more about the X Lock Connect, Master Arm + Clamp Kit.

Get more ideas on iPad Mounting for Musicians in this Tether Talk article.

#3 Mount iPads for Art Lessons

The AeroTab Universal Tablet Mounting System and Rock Solid EasyGrip lets you mount any tablet or iPad to an easel, with ease.

#4 Mount a Phone Outside for PE Class

Mount a phone to a window, mirror or sliding glass door so kids can get outside and follow along with Coach Woods, PE Joe or any of the many PE teachers providing online exercise for kids. And in case your kids need some inspiration, you can share this awesome playlist we grew up working out to.

#5 Power tablets and phones with the Rock Solid USB Battery Pack from Tether Tools

Don’t miss our final installment of this series next week when we provide tips on configuring your Tether Tools gear for your new home gym – in whatever space you can find!