9 Ways to Use the New LoPro Phone Mount

Posted by: on Aug 31, 2017

9 Ways to Use the New LoPro Phone Mount

Smartphones have become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives as they grow more powerful, and feature apps that allow you to do everything from play music on a Bluetooth speaker system to shoot your own time-lapse video in 4k.

Recently upgraded to be even wider than previous model, the Tether Tools Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount can hold the largest of phones, including the iPhone 6s Plus.

The Tether Tools Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount is a smartphone/accessory holder, designed for mounting a phone, action camera, or small device on any 1/4″-20 compatible photography arm, clamp or grip. The spring-loaded universal phone mount offers a wide holding range of 2.17″ (55mm) up to 3.35” (85mm) for varying phone/device sizes. The clip features cushioned, non-skid pads on each interior side of the clip, protecting the smartphone or device and holding it firmly in place.

holder-with-threadsThe back and bottom of the Phone Mount have a standard 1/4″-20 mount receptor for quick and easy attachment to any 1/4”-20 supports such as tripods, articulating arms and EasyGrip Clamps – which come equipped with male 1/4”-20 threads. The top of the device also has a ¼”-20 receptor for mounting small lights, microphones or other accessories as needed.

If you want to mount your iPhone, Android phone, or GoPro to a tripod, pole, or any round piece of gear, then look no further than the LoPro Phone Mount. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Here’s 10 creative ways you can use your phone on set (and at your next party) with the LoPro Phone Mount:

1. Mount your iPhone or Android to a tripod for smartphone video and photography


2. Mount the LoPro to a RapidMount Q20 and use as phone stand

LoPro and Q20

3. Keep the party going strong by mounting your phone near your Bluetooth speaker with a LoPro and RapidMount Q20


4. Mount the LoPro and small LED light to a RapidMount Q20 for a selfie station at your next party


5. Mount external hard drive directly to laptop or flat surface with RapidStrips (removes easily and leaves no residue)


6. Secure TetherBoost to Tether Table with Rock Solid Pony “A” Clamp


7. Mount your phone to tripod leg with Rock Solid EasyGrip (pictured with TriggerTrap)


8. Mount Phone and Q20 securely to a wall to record a time-lapse video at your next event


9. Mount Rock Solid External Power Bank to any 1/4″-20 male thread

For more information on the new LoPro Phone Mount visit TetherTools.com.