8 Uses for the Rock Solid PowrGrip

Posted by: on Aug 30, 2017

8 Uses for the Rock Solid PowrGrip
The Rock Solid PowrGrip 3 for Smartphone and Rock Solid PowrGrip 4.5 are designed to be the most secure and versatile  vacuum-seal suction mounting system available. The vacuum-seal cup is made by industry leader Wood’s PowrGrip, who has been manufacturing the highest quality vacuum lifting and mounting equipment since the 1960s. Tether Tools adaptation with the rotating and articulating ball socket + ¼”-20 thread offers device mounting options for your equipment. Here are 8 uses for the PowrGrip that we think are pretty cool:
  1. Mounting your off-camera speed flash – The PowrGrip is an excellent tool for getting that flash off camera and lighting a room. We’ve even created a kit just for this use case.RMPG45KT-3
  2. Mount your camera for BTS shots and videos – Are you looking for a new or interesting way to grap some behind the scenes footage of your next shoot?DSC8437-e1428445294796
  3. Mount your phone to your car windshieldSiri, GPS, maps…there are many reasons to keep your phone within hands reach in the car. Mount it straight to your windshield and keep your eyes on the road.powergrip-1-2
  4. Mount your tablet on set – Using either the Wallee iPad Mounting System or the AeroTab Universal Tablet System, you can mount your tablet to any non-porous surface.mounted-to-glass
  5. Mount your tablet in your boat – The last thing you want is your tablet loose in a fast moving boat. Keep it secure, keep it dry.
  6. Mount your tablet in airplane cockpit – Are you a pilot looking for a temporary way to mount your tablet while flying?  Mount your tablet in your RV – There are many non-porous surfaces in an RV. A great way to keep your tablet locked down while rambling down the road.
  7. Mount your mirrorless camera or GoPro to the outside of you car – These vacuum cup mounts are powerful. Get that visually interesting shot by mounting you camera outside the car.DSC8449-e1428445309436