7 Photography Gear Hacks to Increase Efficiency and Creativity

Posted by: on Aug 25, 2021

7 Photography Gear Hacks to Increase Efficiency and Creativity

As a photographer, there’s always plenty of gear on our wish lists. However, in some case, it’s simply not practical or possible to buy it all. While photography gear can be quite expensive, there are a variety of Tether Tools products that can provide you a multitude of ways to utilize them on set or on location. That way, you’re getting the most out of your investment. Here are a few pieces of Tether Tools solutions to increase your efficiency as well as your creativity.

Mount Your External Hard Drive to a Laptop for Editing

There’s rarely a safe place for photographers to put a portable external hard drive when using their laptop. Of course, if you’re using a Tether Table Aero, you can simply use an Aero XDC and securely store your external hard drive underneath the table.

With just a couple pieces of gear from Tether Tools, you can create a slick mounting solution for securing your external hard drive to the back of your laptop. First, you attach a RapidStrip to the back of the Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount, then press firmly to the back of your laptop. Secure the external hard drive in the mount, then connect the external hard drive to your laptop with a one foot TetherPro USB cable. It’s that easy. You can remove the external hard drive from the Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount as frequently as needed, and the LoPro Phone Mount will stay securely attached to the laptop lid for the next time you get your external hard drive out.  Keep in mind that the LoPro Phone Mount won’t be a permanent fixture on your laptop as you can remove the RapidStrips  and won’t leave any sticky residue behind.

Wirelessly Tethering and Triggering a Remote, Mounted Camera

In the below video from photographers Daniel Norton and Seth Miranda, the camera is mounted in a place where a photographer could not possibly stand without being in the shot, and because it is tethered wirelessly using the Case Air Wireless Tethering System they are able to use LiveView to see an image preview and move the model into the ideal position, as well as adjust camera settings on the fly such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

The camera is secured to a Rock Solid Camera Platform and attached to a Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm, and the arm is mounted to a hanging pipe above using the Rock Solid Master Clamp. “The Case Air made us more aware of our own environment instead of being stuck inside our camera. So, we were actually participating as well as observing. We got shots that we wouldn’t have gotten any other way.” – Seth Miranda

UPDATE: While the Case Air Wireless Tethering System is no longer available, the latest in wireless tethering technology is the new and improved Air Direct Wireless Tethering System. The Air Direct can be mounted in many ways to a camera or tripod.  It is not required to be on the hot shoe of your camera.  Tether Tools companion Arca Clamp mounts the Air Direct seamlessly to any Arca L-Bracket. The quick-release of Air Direct Arca Clamp for L-Brackets can be easily secured to the L-Bracket of your choice, leaving room to insert the cable and leaving your hot shoe free for a trigger or flash. The integrated cold shoe on the clamp is ideal for mounting the Air Direct and can also be used to mount flashes, triggers and other items to any Arca-style mount.

Using the Look Lock System to Keep a Child’s Attention for Portrait Photography

Children have a short attention span so photographers are always looking for creative ways to grab their attention. Sometimes a few quick looks directed into the camera are what’s needed. If you’ve photographed young children, you already know it can be a difficult task.

Using the Look Lock with your smartphone and playing an entertaining mobile app or video helps gain a child’s attention regardless of the environment. It’s a very handy tool. As an alternative, you can also use the Look Lock as a second camera to capture video during your shoot.

Mount a Camera on C-stands with Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter for a Super-High Perspective

Need to get a high shot? A very cost effective and quick way to do it is using the setup below. This photographer was capturing an outdoor morning yoga session, and attached a Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter to a C-stand, then added their camera ballhead. Using a wireless trigger they were able to remotely trigger the camera and achieve a unique angle to the shot.

Secure Your Cable to Avoid Trip Hazards

When shooting tethered a trip or tug can cause your tether cable to become disconnected from the camera leaving you to reconnect your cable, restart your program, and face the possibility of a damaged camera data port. The TetherBlock is designed to prevent accidental removal of a cable from your camera’s data ports by snaking a USB, FireWire, or HDMI cable through one of TetherBlock’s three channels. A 1/4″-20 slotted screw attaches the plate to the camera and can be tightened with a screwdriver or coin. From there, either shoot handheld or attach the TetherBlock to your camera’s tripod mount and you’ll be able to shoot tethered to a computer without fear of your tethered cable becoming unplugged.

Have Freedom and Movement with the Rock Solid Low Boy Roller

Picking up and moving your tripod with camera is awkward, not safe, and there’s just simply a better way. The Rock Solid Tripod Roller is a universal accessory that gives wheels to any tripod, allowing you to move your camera in or out of the shot as necessary. Want to go wide, and move back, roll back. Need to come in close for a tight shot, roll in close.

Collaboration is key on set and one of the biggest reasons to shoot tethered. Often on set you’ll want your tethered workstation close, but sometimes you’ll want to move it away, perhaps for the benefit of letting a makeup artist, assistant, designer, or client, review the images as you shoot in real-time. Instead of picking up the laptop (dangerous) or having a group of people crowded around you (annoying and distracting) put your workstation on wheels and roll your Tether Table Aero over to your crew. Simply combine the Tether Table Aero with the aforementioned Rock Solid Low Boy Roller or Tripod with Rock Solid Tripod Roller and you’re mobile.

The Jack-of-All Trades: Using a Master Clamp to Mount Lights, Tether Tables, and More

In order to get the shot photographers need to be master riggers of equipment and be able to place lights and cameras in awkward, tight places. In this short demo from RGG EDU, master photographer Rob Grimm shows us several different ways to use the Rock Solid Master Clamp, one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in every photographer’s kit.

Rob demonstrates using Master Clamp with J-Hooks to quickly hang backdrops, attaching a studio light to a pole, attaching an Aero Table for a quick and easy portable workstation and more. Watch the video now below!

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