5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Aero Table Case

Posted by: on Aug 26, 2014

5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Aero Table Case

“So what’s in a bag anyway?”

That’s the question we asked Tether Tools founder, Josh Simons. All Tether Table Aero laptop tables come with a custom travel carry case, but will it hold up to the wear and tear of a location shooter?

The answer is yes!

bgaero-med-tether-tools-rep-storage-bag-MAINAccording to Simons, the carry case was designed from customer input and based on the most important criteria for traveling photographers.  Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know went into the design of the Tether Table Aero Travel Storage Case.

  1. Must be lightweight, not bulky and simple. The case is designed to prevent the gear from being scratched or damaged when transporting or storing. It can easily be thrown into a car trunk or an equipment van and keeps the table surface protected without adding a lot of extra bulk or weight.
  2. Made in the U.S.A.  Enough said.  
  3. Must match the quality of the Aero Table – protective and durable. Each case is built of medium grade industrial Pack Cloth. Pack Cloth is a versatile medium weight, flexible nylon fabric with clear polyurethane back coating and water repellant properties. Common uses for this fabric include military gear, tactical vests, sporting equipment and duffel bags.
  4. High quality zipper that lasts over an extended period of time. All zippers used for all Tether Tools cases and bags are manufactured by YKK, the leader and best quality zippers worldwide.
  5. Custom designed for each Tether Table Aero design. Each carry case is custom sized to provide a compact travel/protective solution for each Aero Table design.the cases are designed to hold avsingle Tether Table or an outfitted table with all of the Aero accessorie.  The case provides a streamlined custom fit storage solution. Additionally, the Standard TetherPro Cable organization case conveniently fits inside the Aero Table case, providing a ‘bag within a bag ” master solution for keeping all tethering gear in one place.

ttpcc-tether-tools-tetherpro-cable-org-case-std-03-webTether Tools also has a Tripod & Accessory Arm Storage Case, Large Organization Case and Standard Organization Case made of the same quality materials. To see all bags and cases, visit Tether Tools.