5 Most Common Questions About the Case Relay

Posted by: on Sep 11, 2017

5 Most Common Questions About the Case Relay
A fan favorite right out of the gate, the Case Relay Camera Power System has received a lot of love from photographers and publication editors and reviewers. A first of it’s kind, the Case Relay provides uninterruptible power for a DSLR or mirrorless camera using any standard 5V USB battery pack or wall outlet.  We’ve received a lot of interest, and a few questions of which we’ve compiled the 5 most common and answered them below.
I already have a camera battery; why would I want to use the Case Relay Camera Power System?
Traditionally, when your camera battery dies, you have to stop your time-lapse, video or studio session, pull out your battery and put a new one in. With the Case Relay that’s a problem of the past. Simply disconnect the battery pack from Case Relay and power your camera with a 5V USB external battery pack or USB wall adapter. Your camera never loses power and you never stop shooting.
Which Relay Camera Coupler do I need for my camera?
The Case Relay Camera Power System is compatible with many Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm and Olympus cameras. To use the Case Relay, you’ll need a Relay Camera Coupler for your specific camera. To find the correct Relay Camera Coupler, check the compatibility chart at www.tethertools.com/relay.
How does it work, and what can I plug the Case Relay into for power?
A Relay Camera Coupler is inserted directly into the camera battery port, then connected to the Case Relay CPS. The Case Relay connects directly to any standard 5V external battery (commonly known as a portable USB charger, widely available at most stores or via TetherTools.com) or an AC power source, such as a wall outlet or generator. With Case Relay’s own secondary, internal 1200 mAh battery, if the photographer’s external battery pack runs low it’s easy to hot swap the external battery and not lose power to the camera. With the Rock Solid External Battery Pack (10,000 mAh) from Tether Tools, photographers will be able to shoot considerably longer than with a standard camera battery. A 10,000 mAh external battery will provide 3-10 times the power of most camera batteries, depending on the camera. When access to AC wall power is convenient, simply plug the case relay cable into an AC Wall Adapter (sold separately) for an infinite power source (USB Active Extensions can be used for added distance).
How do I know when to swap out my external battery pack?
Case Relay’s indicator light will show one of three colors – green, yellow or red. This is an indication of the charge in the Case Relay. Green means it’s fully charged. Yellow means it’s 70-30% charged and red means it’s less than 30%. If Case Relay is flashing, that means it’s not connected to a power source.
Can Case Relay damage my camera?
No, the Case Relay is safe to use for your camera. It’s important to note that the Relay Camera Coupler (the piece that is inserted into your camera battery port) does not contain a battery.
Like to learn more about the Case Relay Camera Power System? Watch the informational video below or visit www.tethertools.com/relay.