4 Must-Have Products for Children and Family Portrait Photographers

Posted by: on Apr 02, 2017

4 Must-Have Products for Children and Family Portrait Photographers
Portrait photography for children and families can be difficult at times. As a photographer, you’re capturing a special moment in someone’s life, but your subjects are untrained models who you must coach through the shoot. Below we’ve listed four tools that will make creating images that look fantastic and show off your subject’s personality a little easier.
Look Lock System
Looky here! Ever have difficulty getting the attention of your subject? The Look Lock is a camera-mountable universal smartphone holder with an articulating arm for mounting small devices above your lens or camera body. The Look Lock’s spring-loaded LoPro Phone Mount can hold any device up to 3.35”(85mm) wide including the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Non-skid pads on each interior side of the clip protect your smartphone or device while holding it firmly in place. The included LoPro Phone Mount is anchored to the camera by a Rock Solid 7“ or 11” articulating arm and a specially engineered cold shoe mount to prevent inadvertent side to side movement as the camera is repositioned and rotated. Simple to install, the Look Lock quickly positions directly into any hot shoe or on an extension rail when multiple devices need to be secured.
Case Air Wireless Tethering System
There are numerous advantages of tethered shooting, but one disadvantage is bringing a computer and stand with you when you’re out of the studio. Using the Case Air allows you to swap out your computer with the compactness of a tablet. Lighter and fewer items to manage!
The Case Air Wireless Tethering System connects and transfers images instantly from your camera to a phone, tablet or computer. Case Air lets you control advanced camera settings including focus points, exposure settings, bracketing, time-lapse, HDR, and more. View your images on a larger screen to check critical focus and composition, or use Live View or movie mode for real-time capture to share and collaborate as you create.
iPad & Android Tablet Holders
Provide your parent or client an option to look at photos and purchase on the spot with the Tether Tools BlackRapid TabStrap with iPad Case + Connect Lite Bracket. Tether Tools also offers the AeroTab Universal Tablet System which is compatible with most all small tablets including the Microsoft Surface, iPad, Android, and other tablet models. Pairing the AeroTab with a BlackRapid Strap & DRing offers the same hands-free benefits. tether-tools-tabstrap-hands-free-ipad-blackrapid-shoulder-strap-ft
Monitor Mount
Tether Tools newest product line of monitor mounts makes it easier than ever to mount a TV in studio or on location. For children, it allows the parents to see the shots without crowding the photographer and collaborate more. For family, it’s an easy way for the whole family to get feedback on the shots, how the poses are working, and is a great tool for image selection.
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