3 Tips for Bringing Out Your Subject’s Personality in School Portrait Photography

Posted by: on Jul 23, 2018

3 Tips for Bringing Out Your Subject’s Personality in School Portrait Photography
The start of school is just around the corner, and that means one thing for photographers – annual school portraits. High volume school photography can be frightening for both the kids and photographers. But it doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor for anyone involved! Here are a few times to help your next school picture day a breeze.

Interact with the Kids

Obvious right? Consider that many children will be nervous, shy, and uncomfortable. Be energetic, smile, engage. Ask them their name, favorite color, subject in school, or food. During the shoot asking a student to exclaim YES! or Yippee! is a great way to evoke a positive response for a natural smile.

Make Posing Easy

Find a comfortable, familiar location for the shoot. Outside of their classroom, the gym, cafeteria. In setting up, use a stool like this used by Matthew Kemmetmueller and team so kids know exactly where to put their feet for quick, efficient posing.
Photo Courtesy of Matthew Kemmetmueller

Don’t Forget About the Kids in Line

Get everyone involved so your students are warmed up by the time they hit your chair. Ask the kids to participate, show them the images of their friends, and ask the students waiting for help in making their friends give a big, genuine smile. Have fun! A happy set makes for better pictures. Need help with your workflow? Our High Volume Tethering Kit was designed with school shoots in mind, allowing the photographer to simply adjust the vertical bar to the appropriate height as subjects enter the frame. Learn more about the kit below.