3 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Portrait Photographers

Posted by: on Oct 22, 2018

3 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Portrait Photographers
Shooting tethered can make your life as a portrait photographer so much easier. Show your model a series of images, each with different poses and discuss what you’d like them to do in the next series. There is also certain aura of professionalism that comes with shooting tethered. You’re respecting your client’s time, you’re producing a higher quality of images, and the result is a satisfied customer.


Any photographer who shoots tethered will tell you that one of the most frustrating things that could happen on set is an accidental disconnection of the cable from the camera. You’re left having to restart your program, and what’s worse is the possibility of a damaged camera port from the cable being harshly ripped out and disconnected, usually due to someone tripping on the cable. The TetherBlock locks your tethered cable into place, keeping your cable or cord plugged in and your camera’s sensitive data port protected from damage. The bottom of the TetherBlock features both a 1/4″-20 and a 3/8″ female tripod thread, allowing it to be mounted directly onto a tripod plate or head. If a photographer is mating it with their tripod plate, they will be able to center the plate on the TetherBlock giving a secure connection. If you have a Arca-style ball head, we recommend the TetherBlock Arca.

TetherPro USB Cable

Tether Tools’ high-visibility orange TetherPro USB cables have become synonymous with tethered photography. And for good reason. TetherPro USB cables are constructed to the highest possible USB specifications and incorporate all of the latest technology ensuring consistent and reliable conductivity, and the fastest and most reliable transfers.

Tether Table Aero

The Tether Table Aero provides photographers with a stable, portable tethering platform, perfect for daily studio use and the ideal out-of-studio workspace. It attaches easily to virtually any tripod or light stand and is compatible with all standard mounting hardware. Made completely of T6 Aerospace aluminium, the stunning brushed silver or non-reflective black textured platform was conceived by professional photographers and designed by aerospace engineers. This functional platform is unsurpassed in stability and durability.