2-Day Photography Lighting Workshop Extensive with Zach Sutton in El Paso

Posted by: on May 04, 2017

2-Day Photography Lighting Workshop Extensive with Zach Sutton in El Paso
This Photography Workshop is set to take place on May 20th & 21st 2017, and is a 2-day extensive workshop with a comprehensive look into photography, and light shaping both instudio and on location In El Paso, TX. With over 16 hours of hands-on training, this 2-day workshop is designed to give the modern photographer a jump start into success within the industry. This workshop is designed for the beginner to advanced photographer, and is formulated to teach photographers of all skill levels, bringing them up to pace quickly, drastically improving their work and workflow. Each day can be purchased individually, or at a discounted rate for the entire two-day package. The workshops are explained further below.

About Workshop Day 1

This workshop is designed to give you extensive training on lighting subjects within an outdoor environment. Using off camera flashes, and practical lighting techniques, I’ll teach you how to effectively light your subject to create cinematic, yet natural looking light, with full control over everything. With gear provided for the day, not only do you get an extensive classroom experience explaining the practices and techniques, you’re also able to test and tailor these techniques on location with models for the afternoon. I am then able to help out in a one on one environment to help achieve the lighting style that compliments your body of work. As an 8 hour class, this workshop is designed to be a comprehensive look into commercial lighting to help you increase the standard of your work, and get you more jobs as a result. Perhaps what makes this workshop special isn’t that it only teaches you the principles, but it also give you an opportunity to test the principles using gear provided for the day. The gear that I use is essential to the work I’m able to produce. By using off camera flashes, you’re able to have full control of your lighting, and create incredible images as a result.

About Workshop Day 2

This workshop is designed to take everything you wanted to know about shooting in a studio, and overhauling it to create incredible images in tight spaces. The purpose of using a studio to create images is that you have full control over the light and environment, so this class is designed to give you the principles and tools to help make your visions come to life. Throughout this course, you’ll be taught everything from turning a small room into a massive studio, to how to shoot major campaigns with large teams tethered to the process. This workshop is designed to give you an A to Z on everything you’d need to know to become an exceptional studio photographer.

About Zach Sutton:

Zach Sutton is a Los Angeles Photographer specializing in Headshots, Portraits, Events, and Weddings. Zach’s passion is to simply take great photos that contain an style unlike other photographers. He is available for hire for portrait sessions, headshot photography, wedding photography, commercial photography and event photography in Los Angeles, California and the surrounding areas. Zach Sutton also travels to various parts of the world for photography – check the blog to see if he is coming to a town near you. Zach Sutton is an internationally published photographer and instructor that has had his work featured at Fstoppers, Retouching Academy, WPPI, Phototuts+, photofocus, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Profoto Blog, Creative Live, Canon Imagination Blog, and more.
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