10 Wedding and/or Portrait Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now

Posted by: on Apr 14, 2016

10 Wedding and/or Portrait Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now
If your Instagram feed has gone stale, lifeless, and cold, it’s time to add a little love! In no particular order here are 10 wedding and/or portrait photographers who know how to create beautiful images. Check out our list below, and if you don’t already like our feed, head over to www.instagram.com/tethertools.com and click that Follow button.
1. Jared Platt – Professional photographer, writer, and instructor. www.jaredplatt.com

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2. Moshe Zusman – Professional photographer and educator. www.moshezusman.com
3. Tom Barnes – London based portrait photographer. www.tombarnes.com

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4. Tim Souza – Professional wedding and portrait photographer. www.timsouza.com
5. Casey Wrightsman – San Diego based portrait and commercial photographer. www.wrightsmanphotography.com
6. Amy Anaiz – Editorial wedding photographer. www.amyanaiz.com
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7. Aykut Taştepe – Fashion and wedding photographer based in Turkey. www.aykuttastepe.com

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8. Trevor Dayley – Professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Phoenix. www.trevordayley.com
9. Jeb Wilson – Professional wedding photographer based out of Nashville. www.nashvillephotogroup.com
10. Chellise Michael Photography – Professional wedding photography group based in Brooklyn. www.chellisemichaelphotography.com
  This list is only the tip of the iceberg of our favorite photographers on Instagram! Let us know your favorites in the comments below.